As a provider of a standard software, Staffbase allows us to rapidly deliver numerous features at high quality to a large number of customers. This is a huge advantage compared to individual software, however it can also be perceived as not customized enough for the customer's needs.

With the latest version of the Staffbase employee experience platform, companies have another possibility to tailor their standard employee app to their individual needs. The user profile currently consists of a fixed amount of most-used fields: First name, last name, profile picture, position, department, etc. From now on administrators can additionally add custom profile fields. Define a title for the field, a type (text, email address, phone number, LinkedIn profile and many more) and whether the user should be able to edit it himself.

Managing profile fields as a admin
New profile fields in admin and user view

Providing latest news to your staff is one of the core pillars of a successful employee app. This is why we are constantly improving the ways editors create and manage this content.

Due to popular demand we have just crossed these things off our list:

  • Moving and copying posts into other channels
  • Support for various link types (web link, email address, phone number)
  • Links are now easier to remove via the edit dialog
  • Preview images for attachments can now be set to hidden
  • The tab key can now be used to properly navigate through the editor input fields
Advanced link options
Move and copy posts

In addition to this release, the user search for all customers finally arrived just a couple of weeks ago. This feature has been one of the most requested on our list. Thanks to a major rework on our infrastructure, it can now provide lots of added value to all admins and users. There is nothing to do on your side at this point, the search is already available in your employee directory and the user management section. This also lays the foundation for more search features in the future.

Other changes that come with the new version:

  • App: Posts can now be deleted from within the app
  • App: When creating a new post, the channel selection is skipped if there is only one
  • App: Fixed broken iOS app when clicking links in videos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  • App: Fixed a bug that didn't show PDF files when linked in the sidebar
  • App: Image upload is now working on older Android devices as well
  • App: Improved app robustness when quickly switching between posts and videos
  • Back office: Fixed broken user CSV export in Internet Explorer
  • Back office: CSV import can now correctly handle quotes
  • Back office: Fixed a bug that didn't show all users when adding them to groups or content
  • Back office: Fixed an incorrect number of users in the group overview
  • Back office: Fixed various issues with multi-language content in menu and welcome page editors

All changes are now available on your web app and the Google Play Store. As soon as Apple has finished its review, your iOS app will receive the update as well.

If there are any questions, don't hesitate to contact us or leave a comment below.

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