Since employee satisfaction is one of the most crucial factors determining the success of a company, employee surveys have played an important role in the United States and elsewhere since the 1920s. Back then, they were used in several industrial companies for the first time so as to learn more about the prevailing work climate and employee satisfaction. During the Second World War, the survey techniques were then refined in order to identify factors that lead to high employee motivation and so as to replicate them.

While many companies fear tough feedback from their staff, regular trend pulse surveys can quickly lead to work climate improvement. Employee surveys are therefore increasingly becoming a tool with which to influence employee satisfaction in real time and the work climate within a company can thus be optimized as desired.

The Case of Amazon

Amazon has had to face harsh criticism in recent months because of its supposedly horrendous working conditions. This has not only caused damage to the image, but also to the self-image of this corporation, which is now trying to turn things around. Employee surveys are more relevant to the e-commerce giant than ever before. Therein, the board members are keen to learn about the working conditions and the satisfaction of the staff working at the lowest levels within the company. The workers in the logistics centres are given daily surveys about their job satisfaction, the training they receive and opportunities for advancement as well as their immediate supervisor.

Thus, the so-called Amazon Connections Innovative takes things one step further than traditional employee surveys. After all, daily monitoring takes place. In the coming months, upper level management will even have to respond to the Amazon Connections surveys. In case of questions, the Connections team calls on the individual employee directly so as to obtain even more in-depth feedback. However, employee responses remain 100 per cent anonymous outside of the Connections team in order to encourage the employees surveyed to provide truthful responses.

Trend Pulse Surveys—State-of-the-Art Employee Surveys

Companies who are committed to proactively ensuring more employee satisfaction are increasingly relying on so-called pulse surveys. These are surveys that are regularly carried out in a company within short intervals. As such, one can quickly obtain an overview regarding the "the health of a business," which explains why the term "pulse" is used. The employee surveys are internet-based and can easily be adjusted according to the needs of the individual business. Many companies that use these surveys successfully were able to derive the following benefits:

  • Measuring employee satisfaction in real time
  • Employee engagement is encouraged
  • Increased productivity
  • More satisfied customers
  • More innovation
  • Better work climate
  • Open communication is encouraged
  • Positive impact on employee health

In addition, the focus of the staff is directed specifically to certain issues, regarding which they are surveyed every week. This may cause employees to notice positive changes in the given area more or to make more suggestions for improvement, which the entire company can benefit from.