Welcome to the Staffbase Internal Communication Masterclass. The units in this class are designed to show internal communicators how to unlock the full power of their role.

Want to know where you stand? You can test the maturity of your internal communications here. The results will show you which aspects of your superpower could use some extra training. And we developed these classes exactly for this purpose: to cater to your training needs.

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Internal Communication Masterclass Units on Strategy:

1. Setting Goals for Internal Communications (5 Minutes)

Internal communicators can be key to supporting stakeholders in meeting their communication goals. That's why it's important that they know how to best support such requests. In this video you'll learn how to define goals for internal comms, how to involve stakeholders, and how to create SMART outcomes.

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2. Understand Your Internal Audience (8 Minutes)

Too much noise and irrelevant information are common barriers to successful communication. This video shows you one of the key ways to solve this problem by better understanding and segmenting your audience. And we've created an easy model to help you reach this goal.

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3. Creating Powerful Messages (8 Minutes)

The right message gets your audience to see that it’s a good idea to do the things we’d like them to do. This video walks you through a 3-step process of Framing, Narrative, and Message that has proven to be very helpful for the development of effective messages for employee communications.

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4. How to Get More Resources for Internal Communication (9 Minutes)

Comms are hard to measure, which makes it more challenging for comms teams to get the resources they need to do their job. In this video we will look at three aspects to help internal communicators get the budget they need: their role, their internal influence, and how that helps them get the resources they need.

Internal Communication Masterclass Units on Communication:

5. How to Master Internal Communication Planning (10 Minutes)

Imagine seeing major bad news side-by-side to fun photos of a team event on your internal comms platform. To employees, that can look sloppy or even insensitive. That's why communications planning is one of the most important but often overlooked daily challenges of internal communication. In this video we will look at how you can master planning your internal comms.

6. The Right Channel Mix for Internal Communications (8 Minutes)

If you have to send a difficult message to your employees, choosing the right channel can make all the difference. Comms has to communicate many different types of messages, suited for many different types of channels - while also staying on top of everything. This can be a challenge for communicators. In this video we look why internal communications needs a channel mix, how to find the right channel for your message, the right channel mix, and how you can manage it all.

Download: Internal Communication Masterclass Template Collection

We've also created an Internal Comms Strategy Template Collection, with helpful templates and links to resources for your internal communication strategy. Click on the image below to download it!

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