An effective internal communications plan can do much more than manage and distribute information. It can foster a sense of community between employers and employees and cultivate relationships of trust. Such qualities are essential for any team working toward a collective goal. But in order for this to happen, management must be fully able to communicate the values and objectives of their company with all of their employees. 

Too many organizations have developed their internal communications plan by chance. Many more have yet to even address this vitally important topic. 

Even well-planned communication designed to reach across all levels and sectors within a company can become blocked or made inefficient. And when that happens, informal networks, rumors, and uncoordinated messages often fill the void.

The result is a nightmare scenario observed repeatedly during times of crisis or in reorganizational situations, in which employees become more engaged in getting valid information than they are on their actual work.

The importance of firmly anchoring internal communication as a strategic function within a company is even more apparent in large organizations with multiple locations, cultures, and job profiles.

Most initiatives don't fail because of missing ideas or concepts. Above all, they fail because the intentions, goals, and crucial information doesn't properly reach a company-wide audience.

This is why more and more companies are turning to the benefits of an employee app—a modern tool with the kind of broad, mobile reach that is sure to strengthen your internal communications plan.

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The following points illustrate why a carefully planned and creatively implemented internal communications plan is indispensable for successful companies: 

1. A Better Understanding of Company Values

For employees to completely work toward the purposes of the organization, they need to internalize its values. They also need to see how their influence reaches beyond their team. Seeing the effects of their work company-wide will provide them with evidence that they play an important part in the greater success of the company.

Open and authentic employee communication encourages a sense of personal value and will have a positive effect on performance.

2. Higher Productivity and Increased Purpose

Satisfied employees believe that their work is meaningful, and they feel valued for doing it. Recognizing and understating the meaning of one's work, and being able to personally identify with it, are key elements in the makeup of a committed employee. And committed employees are productive employees.

3. Valuable Feedback for Managers

Employee feedback is an essential element of strong leadership. Open channels of internal corporate communication flowing freely in multiple directions makes that possible.

Employee feedback lets managers better adjust to the needs of their employees. It allows them to find more effective ways of motivating them, ultimately leading to more successful leadership.

It's a win for everyone.

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4. Maintaining the Connection with Your Employees

To ensure a high level of employee motivation and an equally high level of performance and commitment, management must be in continual communication with their employees.

Winning employee trust takes tremendous effort, but with the appropriate tools for communication—ones that are mobile, easily accessible, and have great reach—your efforts are more likely to pay off for the entire company.

5. A Culture of Open Communication

Communication isn't an isolated event. Ongoing efforts are necessary to consistently and compellingly involve employees in a company's best interests and evolving goals.

But communication doesn't have to be perfect. Executives should present themselves realistically, and employees shouldn't be treated like children or worse, like spectators.

Up-to-date, open, and sincere communication is an unbeatable way to rally employees and foster teamwork. In today's competitive environment, where change can happen in the blink of an eye, organizations that can quickly and effectively convey valuable information to their employees will always have an advantage over their competitors.

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