On November 6th, Staffbase is launching its new product, the Employee Experience Intranet (EEX). This solution is a new generation intranet that consolidates information and services from all departments in one place, making it easy for employees to find. Ready to learn more? Join us in celebrating this milestone for our company and see how the Employee Experience Intranet can boost your business.

Technology to Put Employees First

Internal communications professionals, HR teams, IT, and management all have opportunities to enhance their employees’ experiences. By simplifying employees’ lives, you are giving them more time to focus on the work that matters. 

Wondering where to get started? 

Every day, your employees rely on technology to do their jobs. This means easy access to digital tools and information is crucial. Yet traditional intranets, with their limited reach and relevance, can no longer handle this basic responsibility.

Why has it gotten to this point?

It starts with an intranet’s purpose. Many companies misguidedly see their intranet as a storage place for all of their information, no matter how old or irrelevant. But a platform that is overloaded with content simply buries the material that really matters. Keeping up with news, searching for information, or using HR services becomes an unpleasant, if not impossible, task for office workers.

And since most intranets don’t even offer a mobile version, the situation for deskless employees is even worse. This means traditional intranets are completely cutting off up to 70 percent of today’s workforce, who lack access to company computers or corporate email. When employees can’t find what they need and don’t know where to turn, they end up using informal channels like WhatsApp, text, or private drives to connect and share information.

Frustrated intranet administrators are also spending too much time and money trying to find solutions for outdated intranet models. More often than not, trying to work around your intranet’s limitations by adding more tools and programs overwhelms teams and contributes to a kind of digital sprawl.

Employee Experience - Focus on the employee

Whether sitting at a desk or out on the road, your people shouldn’t have to think twice about where to start their day, get access to the tools they need or find relevant information quickly and easily.

Sticking with the intranet status quo undermines the employee experience and damages your bottom line.

It’s time for a change. 

Since 2014, Staffbase has connected and engaged workers with their own fully branded app for internal communications. Five years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers have shown that no matter the industry or job description, communication is the heart of employee experience.

Now, we want to expand our market-leading approach to provide even more value to your employees with a new generation of modern intranets

Introducing the Employee Experience Intranet

The Employee Experience Intranet (EEX) makes it easier than ever to combine your various tools and channels into one smart, sleek, and simple platform. 

We know your teams have individual needs. Nevertheless, separate HR applications, communication channels, and employee intranets complicate workflows and fail to bring your workforce together. 

The EEX solves this problem by organizing information from all of your departments in one place and displays it all in a way that’s easily manageable.

With the Employee Experience Intranet you can:

  • Help employees find information easily 
  • Make your content look great 
  • Provide quick access to all your company’s tools 
  • Get the right information to the right people 
  • Connect your employees to one another 
  • Enable employees to give direct feedback 

The Employee Experience Intranet combines two powerful solutions in one. When you invest in the EEX, you get both a new generation intranet including four packages, People, Processes, Dynamic Pages, and Front Door along with our award-winning employee app.

People gives your employees a customizable employee directory available on any device, so they always know who’s on the team and have immediate access to contact information.

Employee Engagement Suite Employee Directory

Find colleagues based on name, department, skills, and more using the People directory

Processes is everything you need to start digitizing documents and forms in your communications platform. Easily collect information, answers, and feedback by creating and sending great-looking forms directly in your app

Additionally, two new sets of features ensure that your employees’ experience with the platform is simple, enjoyable, and accessible from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. 

Dynamic Pages introduces an easy way to create high-quality pages and seamlessly organize and display all the information your organization already has for both mobile and desktop. Editors will profit from out-of-the-box design tools, like hero images and infoboxes, that make your content shine; employees will love the customized communication and easy-to-find information.

Employee Experience Suite Dynamic Pages

Create beautiful pages that your employees actually want to read with Dynamic Pages

Front Door makes the Employee Experience Intranet more than just a communications platform, providing your employees with a clear access point to your company’s digital workplace. Featuring a launchpad for reaching all of your employees' must-have tools and services, and horizontal navigation for faster, easier information discovery, your employees will always know that connecting to your company is one click away. The EEX is a single, unified platform, specifically designed to be employee-first.

Employee Engagement Suite Launchpad

The personalized launchpad in Front Door creates one place for all your company apps

Employee Experience Matters

Since Staffbase’s founding, we’ve strived with our products to improve employees’ experiences by creating a sense of purpose, belonging, and appreciation in the workplace. The term “Employee Experience” may not have been trending back in 2014, but we knew then that putting people first was a key concern for businesses. Today, we’re fully convinced that successful companies recognize employees as their most valuable resource.

By understanding your workforce, both how they communicate with one another and the tools they use to do their jobs, you can create a more positive, productive workplace. It’s not just about superficial perks (although we all love free coffee). Employee experience is about human empowerment and development. And the bottom line is that it’s more important than ever.

What Does “Employee First” Mean?

Intranets were designed with company information in mind. Until recently, employees were a second thought. With the EEX, we’ve flipped the script. 

Your business can benefit from the reach and flexibility of a mobile-first communication and news-sharing channel, while also offering employees a convenient gateway through which they can access their digital workplace. Existing Staffbase customers can upgrade their service with the Dynamic Pages and Front Door packages. These options offer employees an elevated desktop experience and even more options for mobile.

And with more than 300 enterprise customers worldwide already using our solutions, you’ll be in good company. Brands like Adidas, Brinks, and DHL already know the importance of prioritizing and empowering their employees.

Now it’s your turn.

Join us and make the difference for your business with the Employee Experience Intranet. 

The EEX launch is part of Staffbase’s wider 4.1 Release. To learn more about the latest product updates and dive into the details, read the 4.1 Release Notes

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