With so many companies thinking about a mobile channel for their employee communication, a great deal of interest has arisen around how an employee app can fit with an organization’s intranet and digital workplace strategy. In fact, along with a few other issues, including how to onboard users; the state of security; and what to do with an employee app, the question of how an employee app can fit into an organization’s existing intranet and be integrated into its other internal communication software is one of the chief issues in communication departments around the world.

There’s no question why the digital workplace matters today. Technology is an important part of our working lives, especially when it comes to the employee experience. The vast number of touchpoints that employees have with their workplaces play an important role in how they’re motivated, informed, and engaged with what they do. Just as technology has become a crucial part of our personal lives, the technological environment in the workplace—along with its corresponding cultural and physical environments—is of great importance to the employee experience. 

In our webinar, Frank Wolf goes into detail about the digital workplace and communication strategies. Watch the full recording, see the slides, and learn more about the challenges and possibilities that the new workplace brings for today's global leaders. 

Webinar highlights include:

  • Requirements of the digital workplace
  • Main use cases for the digital workplace
  • Main target groups
  • Which target group needs what information?
  • Strategic priorities in modern organizations
  • Roadmap: Which technology is the best to meet the new needs?
  • Mobile as a strategy

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