Staffbase Employee App Customer Adidas Group
Employee communications app built for Hilton Vienna
Paulaner launched its own employee app
Employee communications app built for Transdev
Staffbase Employee Experience Customer Deutsche Telekom
Staffbase Employee App Customer Audi Brussels

Why companies choose Staffbase.

Staffbase Product branded app

Modern communication, it’s got to be mobile!

It’s 2021. If you want to reach anyone, your best bet is through their mobile phone. All Staffbase solutions come with a best-in-class mobile app that stands out with your own custom branding. Your employees expect personal, relevant communication — there’s no better way to give it to them.

Staffbase Employee Experience Intranet: Inhalte finden Nutzer

The right content for the right user.

Your intranet doesn’t have to be a dumping ground for everything and nothing. Staffbase solutions set a new standard for personalized content, so your employees easily find what’s relevant to them, in the moments that matter.

Staffbase Employee Experience Intranet: Dynamic pages

“Wow, this is so easy!”

...we get that a lot. Getting content out there doesn’t have to be hard for you, or anyone else. The Staffbase Experience Studio makes it easy for editors to plan, create, and publish content. One dashboard to do it all and measure your impact.

Building a better employee experience creates real business results.

96 %
increase in survey responses at USAL
96 %
user adoption rate at T‑Systems
15 %
reduction in safety incidents at Reinert Logistics

The best thing is that we can now reach all of our colleagues, including the 50% of non-desk employees who never before had access to our corporate content. Now, for the first time, everyone has a digital communications platform right in their hands.

Our app is the most appreciated employee-related project we’ve had in years."

Our app is a great success. We can send information directly and instantly, even to employees’ private cell phones."