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Staffbase provides an internal communications platform to unite companies and their employees behind a common purpose.

Company communicators want a single place where they can reach and engage all employees across every channel. Employees want a simple and user friendly way to connect with their company no matter if they are desk, frontline, remote or distributed workers. We connect companies with their employees through a branded app, desktop browser, email, or chat, with the goal of establishing community and shared purpose at work.

Staffbase in numbers

15 Mio
employees reached worldwide
850 +
global team members
2500 +
Staffbase Team

Staffbase is growing - grow with us!

At Staffbase, we pride ourselves on working together well, which isn't surprising considering that uniting companies is what we strive for in our every day business. We make an app for people at work - whether they're sitting at a desk, on the factory floor, or out on the road. If our mission inspires you, join us! We are constantly looking for team players and community builders in all of our offices worldwide.

A Responsibility for Climate and Society

Staffbase Zero

Staffbase Zero – Achieving the Goal of Climate Neutrality

This is how we do it: Our servers are mainly powered by green electricity generated from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, or water. We are aiming to have our servers powered by 100% renewable energy.

Staffbase employees are required to travel only when absolutely necessary, and the cost of each trip is counterbalanced by its equivalent CO2 surcharge.

Additionally, three projects in Germany and Canada attempt to offset our carbon footprint through reforestation and the promotion of solar energy, thereby removing greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere.

We offset 100% of our 2022 emissions with these projects.

Our Responsibility in Numbers for 2022

55 k EUR
Donated to Charity by Employees
100 %
Compensation for Unavoidable Emissions
85 h
Volunteer Work Done

Staffbase is a simple and intuitive internal communications platform.

...but it's also so much more. Reaching everyone is the first step to uniting your workforce and changing your company for the better.

 See how our customers are transforming their internal communications.

Staffbase Customer Quote from Heraeus
Staffbase Customer Quote from SAK Construction
Staffbase Customer Quote from Iredell Health Systems

Staffbase and Bananatag merge to create the first true end-to-end internal communication platform.


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Our story


Staffbase Milestones from 2014 to 2022

Meet our founders

Frank Wolf (CSO)
Dr. Lutz Gerlach (COO)
Dr. Martin Böhringer (CEO)
Staffbase founders Frank Wolf, Dr. Lutz Gerlach, and Dr. Martin Böhringer
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We are the fastest growing, most experienced internal communications platform

From news and feedback, to actionable analytics, Staffbase has all the tools you need to manage company communications for everyone, from one place. And it gives your people a way to connect, find essential information, and access the tools and services they need most.

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