Eyo EmployeeApp launches with 100,000 users from customers including Siemens, Heineken, Ogilvy and T-Systems, announces investment by Kizoo

Internal Communications SaaS Eyo EmployeeApp aims at closing the intranet gap for non-desk workers. 2/3 of all employees don‘t work at a desk. In most companies they don‘t have access to corporate email or intranets. Still, the primary channel to exchange information with non-desk workers is paper and top-down management. That‘s time-killing and expensive. Eyo solves this with a corporate employee app to exchange news and information with all employees.

According to CEO Martin Böhringer, the market for enterprise mobile apps is rising rapidly. With smartphone penetration approaching critical mass, the personal smartphones of employees offer the opportunity to better include those not working at a desk or having intranet access.

During the last 6 months Eyo EmployeeApp worked with selected customers ranging from 5 to 500,000 employees and now launches publicly. Launch customers include Siemens, Heineken Mexico, Ogilvy Australia and T-Systems. “We love our employee app! It helps us to reach those employees who are not in the office on a daily basis. Our employees use the app to read corporate news on the train, at the airport, at the hotel, or at home.”, says Susann Wanitschke, Internal Communications Manager at T-Systems MMS.

Typical use cases of the Eyo EmployeeApp include corporate news, pages, document sharing and forms. Eyo provides unique on-boarding methods for those without corporate email and also integrates with existing employee directories or legacy intranets. Customers are able to add individual functions using Eyo’s Plugin API.

The long term goal of Eyo is to provide a medium that guarantees (non-desk) employees access to all information they need for their work and to manage the relationship with their company. This vision is the shared goal of Eyo’s investor, Kizoo. “We believe that Eyo is on an important mission to enable corporate apps for everyone in an organization, including those often forgotten non-desk workers who actually represent the majority of most organizations’ employees” says Frank Schüler, Managing Director of Kizoo.

To achieve all this, Eyo applies a new approach named App-as-a-Service. While running on a SaaS platform which currently supports customers from 5 to 500,000 employees, organizations can get their own individually named and styled copy of the EmployeeApp in the App Stores. This unique approach combines the advantages of a standard SaaS solutions with the benefits of an own branded app. CEO Martin Böhringer says that “especially for larger companies employer branding is a huge topic. Having an own app in the App Store is a great way to show appreciation for all employees.”

Eyo is based on many years of intranet implementation experience of Eyo’s co-founder Frank Wolf with Accenture and T-Systems. The other co-founders Martin Böhringer and Lutz Gerlach previously founded Hojoki, a Forrester “Pioneer Vendor” cloud application. Eyo is based in Chemnitz and Dresden, Germany.


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About Eyo EmployeeApp

Eyo (www.eyo.net) was founded in Chemnitz/Germany (November 2014). Lead by a team of three Co-Founders Frank Wolf, Martin Böhringer, and Lutz Gerlach, the company now has 10 employees. Based on its strong roots in intranet consulting and Enterprise SaaS, the company’s goal is to close the significant intranet gap for that 2/3 non-desk workers.

About Kizoo Technology Ventures

Kizoo (www.kizoo.com) helps young start-up teams grow. As a seed and early stage investor with a focus on SaaS, Internet & Mobile Services and Social Applications Kizoo is happy to share its own longtime experience in development, marketing and product management in those markets.


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