Staffbase Dynamic Pages Drag-and-drop design elements

Cut out complexity for employees.

Simply display a large variety of information on a single page. Drag-and-drop design elements frame your content for maximum effect. So, employees aren’t left searching for information and can discover more content with just a click.

Staffbase Dynamic Pages: Make your intranet pages mobile-friendly

Make your intranet pages mobile-friendly.

Keep your pages convenient and make information accessible for all employees, even when they’re on the go. Turn design elements on or off based on device to create pages specifically-customized to desktop or mobile users.

Ready to create no-code intranet content?

Staffbase Dynamic Pages - design elements can be easily swapped-in-or-out

Keep your pages shining, with streamlined administration.

More information on one page, means less maintenance and maximum content visibility. When it’s time for updates, design elements can be easily swapped-in-or-out for quick changes.

Staffbase Dynamic Pages with pre-designed layouts

Polished intranet pages, without coding.

Focus on storytelling and leave the organization to us. A variety of pre-designed layouts mean you can structure all your content with just a click--no-code needed.

See how you can save time, cut out the complexity, and create beautiful intranet content.