Staffbase Journeys – right message, at the right time

The right message, at the right time

The message for your new hire isn’t always right for your 10-year veteran. Staffbase Journeys lets you surface unique content to employees, in moments that matter. Support new hires with cultural onboarding, or be there for your seasoned experts as they advance roles. Help pave the path for an unforgettable employee experience.

Start creating meaningful journeys for your workforce

Staffbase Journeys – Personal and interactive experiences

Personal and interactive experiences your employees will love

Employee feedback is mission-critical, but a mass survey just isn’t cutting it. Create a personal and meaningful feedback loop by asking relevant questions in moments that matter. Show your employees your company cares, and keep them engaged every step of the way.

Staffbase Journeys – Dashboard, Touchpoints

Just a few clicks to connect the steps

Highly personalized doesn’t have to mean highly complicated. Build and manage experiences your employees will love with our simple journey creator. Segment employees based on activity and add their most important touch points. See an overview of the messages in each step, on one single screen.

More than 400 leading companies worldwide are transforming their employee experiences with Staffbase.

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