Employee Engegament statistics that show impact of day one of employees in a company

The most important little-known secret to employee engagement: It starts on day one.

Remember your first day at work? So many new names and faces, tasks and to-do’s. But amidst the process-driven checklists, there’s a part of employee onboarding that’s often missing: company culture.

Your internal communications team shapes company culture and connection from start to finish. Staffbase Journeys is a first-of-its-kind tool for building highly individual content paths that keep employees informed and engaged, from their first day on.

Engage and align your whole workforce, starting with onboarding.

Using a journey path for onboarding, you can let your company culture shine starting from day one. Reach new hires with the information that matters to them.

Staffbase Journeys mobile screens showing 4 screens on onboarding an employee
Staffbase article view showing feedback for individual employee and a survey

The wow effect for communication, right from the start.

Along the way, employee feedback is mission-critical, but a mass survey just isn’t cutting it. Use Journeys to build a personal and meaningful feedback loop with relevant questions in moments that matter. Show your employees their voices count.

How can your comms team create Journeys? It’s easier than you’d think :)


Great employee experiences don’t just happen, they’re built.

Staffbase mobile screen showing an onboarding artivle, next is a second screen with a push notification about this same article

The right message, at the right time.

With Staffbase Journeys your team can set up a content path for employees based on many different employee experiences. Go beyond audience targeting and automatically send content in moments that matter, including:

  • ✔️ Onboarding & Reboarding
  • ✔️ Job Role Changes
  • ✔️ Location Changes
  • ✔️ Personal Learning Paths
  • ✔️ Change Communication

Staffbase Article about change communication in a company

Change communication that’s not one-size-fits-all.

Big changes can sometimes make even a long-time employee feel like a stranger at work. All change is personal. Create the perfect content path to guide your employees in the midst of transformation. Ensure each individual employee feels seen and heard, during times where it couldn’t matter more.

Staffbase Journeys article showing article to onboard admins and editors

A personal tour guide for your platform.

Use Journeys to create a content path for teaching new admins and editors how to best work with your communications platform. No need for a long-winded training, just send small tips and tricks to help them along the way. You can use a similar approach for employees discovering your app for the first time.

Remarkably relevant for your employees, surprisingly simple for your team.

Staffbase Journeys content page

Your magic wand for upcycling content.

Super relevant employee experiences don’t have to be tedious to create. Amplify the relevance of your content, and make it meaningful for employees, by delivering it the perfect time. Easily add already existing messages to journeys steps for the ultimate content upcycle.

Just a few clicks to build a brilliant experience.

Pick a starting point
Choose a trigger to start a journey, for example, the first time an employee logs into your platform.
Staffbase Journeys Set a starting point
Add Journey steps
Pick the moments that matter where employees will receive a notification with your content.
Staffbase Journeys: add journey steps
Choose your content
Select the message you want to send for each step. Create new content or use what you already have.
Staffbase Journeys: Select the message you want to send for each step

More than 1000 leading companies worldwide are transforming their employee experiences with Staffbase.

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Employee Apps and Intranets from Staffbase set new standards for personalization, ease of use, and accessibility.

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