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Effective IC drives better business outcomes:

Fight turnover. Reduce safety risks. Boost productivity.

Staffbase employee communication Article view with video and comments. In addition, push notification about the article and a picture of non-desk employees reading the article

Reach & engage workers where they are.

Your company app reaches every employee on any device they use—no company emails or private phone numbers needed. Publish all your internal news, info, and alerts from one place. Send your updates organization-wide or target content to specific factories, teams, or shifts.

Staffbase Desktop screen with Health and Safety page with article view, FAQ and contact information, on the left phone with push notification

“Safety First” means access to resources anytime.

The most common workplace hazard many companies ignore? Poor access to information that keeps people safe. Send instant notifications with your company app and reach employees with urgent updates. Use pages to create easy access to the safety protocols, checklists, contacts, and FAQs employees need.

"The simplicity and user experience of the app is what convinced us above all."

Thomas Dirmeier - IT Specialist at MAN Truck & Bus AG

Staffbase SAP Integration mobile phone with timesheet and create time entry

Clocking in? It’s just a click.

Office employees have self-services at their fingertips, shouldn’t the same be true for deskless workers? Your company app gives employees one place to start and end their workday, with shift plans, leave requests, and time cards all instantly available. And it’s even simple to connect the tools you already rely on, like SAP.

Non Desk worker at workplace looking at her phone

Looking for a better way to connect with your non-desk workers?

7 Ways to Improve Communication with Manufacturing Workers

Check out this discussion between 3 industry veterans about best practices for bridging the gap between comms and employees on the factory floor.