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Enhance your employee communications with Staffbase Email

Email designer

Create emails in minutes and collaborate with colleagues in real time

Our drag-and-drop email designer doesn't require any technical experience. It helps your team work more efficiently by allowing multiple editors to build emails together in real time.

Scalable for teams and organizations of any size

Unlimited user licenses, multiple permission levels, and branding controls allow you to invite users from across your organization and create the perfect email workflow.

Try our employee newsletter designer now!

Test drive the most advanced drag-and-drop email newsletter designer ever built for internal communications.

We have five or six different categories of content in our company newsletter, and now we can evaluate what employees are actually reading and what’s making an impact.

Geoffrey Stuart Marketing Coordinator, Raba Kistner Inc

Frequently Asked Questions

Staffbase Email is the new product resulting from the merger of Staffbase and Bananatag. It incorporates the strengths of Bananatag's email communication capabilities into the comprehensive Staffbase platform.
No, the joint company will operate under the Staffbase brand. However, the strong customer base and the innovative solutions that Bananatag brought to the table will continue to be a significant part of the new company.
Staffbase Email builds on Bananatag's robust email communication capabilities by integrating them with Staffbase's comprehensive internal communications platform. This includes features like an employee app, intranet, chat, and deep integrations with Slack and Microsoft 365.
Yes, Staffbase Email is designed to incorporate all the features you loved in Bananatag. The goal is to provide a seamless transition and an enhanced user experience.
Staffbase Email provides a more integrated and comprehensive platform for internal communications. It combines the best of Bananatag and Staffbase, offering a one-stop-shop for content creation, design, distribution, and measurement.
Staffbase Email leverages Bananatag's expertise in designing, distributing, and measuring email communication. It enables users to reach their entire workforce with one unified message via mobile app, email, and intranet.
Existing customers will continue to enjoy the features they used in Bananatag, now enhanced and integrated into the broader Staffbase platform. The transition aims to provide a seamless experience, with the added benefits of a comprehensive internal communications platform.
Staffbase Email upholds the high standards of security and privacy set by both Staffbase and Bananatag. Users can continue to trust the platform with their data, as it remains a secure and reliable solution for internal communications.

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