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    What is a company intranet software?

    A company intranet software is a powerful platform designed to revolutionize organizational communication and engagement. It offers enhanced employee engagement, facilitates seamless knowledge sharing, and boosts overall efficiency while prioritizing confidentiality and security. By providing a one-stop-shop access to the digital workplace, the software connects every employee to the necessary tools and information. With our reliable employee intranet, your organization can unlock its full potential, fostering smoother collaboration and optimized productivity.

Why Your Company Needs Intranet Software in 2024

Today’s successful companies rely on intranet software to broadcast internal communication to every employee. It fosters alignment among remote and hybrid teams, centralizes information sharing, enhances employee engagement and productivity, ensures data security and compliance, and continually adapts to the evolving digital workplace landscape by providing actionable data on all of your comms initiatives.


Optimized Communication

A company intranet serves as a centralized hub for employees, enabling seamless communication and access to vital resources.


Improved Employee Engagement

With a dedicated intranet solution, you can amplify employee voice, foster engagement, and provide a platform for discussions, feedback, and idea sharing.


Efficient Information Sharing

An intranet ensures important company updates, policies, and news reach every employee, irrespective of their location or device.


Streamlined Workflows

By integrating various workplace tools and systems, a company intranet software simplifies processes, provides easy access to digital self-services, and optimizes productivity.


For the first time, all 600,000 colleagues across the DHL Group can access the information and apps they need on a single platform where and whenever they want.

Frank Schmalfeldt VP People Experience DHL Group

Intranet benefits for your organisation


Personalize the intranet experience

Create a personalized experience for every employee with content surfaced based on milestones.

Effective preboarding, onboarding, and offboarding that promote communication and culture.
No more one-size-fits-all comms. Target relevant content to specific employee groups to increase readership and engagement.

Employees see updates in a personalized news feed that shows news from channels users are enrolled in or groups they opt-into.

Personalized navigation, menu structures and custom quick links highlight content based on employees’ locations, roles, or devices.
Makes employee communication and collaboration more effective across different languages by providing automated translations in more than 110 languages.

Break language barriers, promote inclusivity, and improve global communication.

Users can set the app interface to their preferred language (40+ available) to interact in the way that works best for them.

Reach and connect every employee, be they at a desk or on the front line

Ensures that the intranet can be accessed by every employee, regardless of their location or device, allowing them to quickly access information and resources, saving time and boosting productivity.
Find and connect with colleagues across the organization, promoting collaboration, networking, and a sense of belonging.

Offer employee profiles with auto-synced data from your HRIS system paired with optional fields for employees to create profiles that showcase their interests and accomplishments.
Connect employees conveniently and securely through 1-1, group, or managed user group conversations in a convenient built-in chat tool to connect workers both in the office and the frontlines.

Utilize engaging chat features like voice messages and reactions to better connect and communicate with all colleagues.

Increase employee productivity and efficiency

Provides employees with a single point of access to important resources, documents, and files, eliminating the need to search through various systems.

Enables efficient information retrieval, streamlining workflows, and improving overall productivity.
Seamlessly integrates with existing workplace tools, such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Google Workspace.

Ensures that access to information and tools is easy and centralized, while still providing a separate context for communication and engagement.
Enables federated search across multiple tools and platforms, including Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Ensures that employees can find relevant information and resources to improve efficiency, reduce search time, and avoid information silos.

Intranet benefits for enhanced employee experience and satisfaction

Build communities that employees can choose to join based of interest and passion, creating a sense of inclusion around important workplace and personal topics.

Boost engagement with user-generated content on social walls, as well as options for liking, commenting, mentioning, hashtagging, and bookmarking on the content of your choice.
Recognize and appreciate employee achievements, fostering a culture of appreciation and motivation. Boosts employee engagement, satisfaction, and morale.
Engage employees by conducting surveys and polls to gather feedback, opinions, and ideas, fostering a sense of inclusion and empowerment.

Feature surveys on news articles and pages for maximum reach and relevance Gather employee input or speed up paper processes by building and publishing forms.

Intranet features that support intuitive, non-technical admin for business users

  • With a shared editorial calendar and collaborative editing workflows, seamlessly plan and collaborate on strategic communications, eliminating silos and ensuring effective internal communication.
  • Collaborate on content without worrying about something getting lost, with the ability to restore older versions of a page, and keep track of which editor made changes and when.

  • Create and categorize content at the topic-level with campaigns that allow you to design, implement, and measure your strategic communications plan.
  • Use pre-designed page templates or create interactive pages with widgets, media, and attachments — no code or help needed from IT.
  • Utilize business translation for pages and news in users’ native language to reach all employees, while all interaction across languages stays consolidated in one asset.

  • Easily keep your intranet in sync with workforce changes with the automatic import, export, creation, and deletion of user profile data from your HRIS.
  • Provides robust, secure governance, including role-based access, rights management, and content moderation.
  • Manage files in a unified way across pages, news posts, and widgets to save time for editors and admins and quickly reuse files.

  • Define the impact of your work with employee experience insights at the topic level, using visibility, resonance, and alignment as your guide.
  • Multichannel post statistics help you easily identify which channels are driving traffic to your content to improve your multichannel communications strategy.
  • Delve into employee engagement levels by tracking metrics like time spent on pages, interaction with content, and survey responses.

What Staffbase’s intranet software delivers for your organization


With Staffbase Intranet software, you gain a trusted channel that unites your company behind a single source of news and information. This branded intranet portal resonates with your workforce with its mobile-first approach ensuring that every employee can access and engage with the company intranet, regardless of their location or device. Gone are the days of irrelevant, outdated, and underused intranets. Staffbase Intranet is purpose-built to connect and engage employees at all levels. Gone are the days of outdated and underused intranets. Staffbase Intranet is purpose-built to connect and engage employees at all levels.

Why Our Customers 💙 Staffbase Intranet Software

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How to Build a Company Intranet with Ease

No Coding Skills Required

Staffbase Intranet software is designed to be user-friendly, allowing internal communications staff to build an intranet without the need for coding knowledge. The platform provides a range of customizable templates, modules, and features that can be easily configured to meet your organization's needs.

Intuitive Intranet CMS

Staffbase offers a robust CMS that simplifies the process of creating and organizing content on the intranet portal. The CMS provides a user-friendly interface where internal comms staff can easily create and edit pages, news articles, documents, and other content elements.

Aligned to Your Brand

Staffbase Intranet software allows you to easily align the platform with your organization's branding and visual identity. You can easily customize the company intranet's appearance by adding your company logo, choosing colors that match your brand, and selecting a layout that reflects your organization's style.

Dedicated Support and Continuous Updates

Staffbase understands that building an intranet can sometimes require guidance and support. That's why our dedicated support team is available to assist you throughout the entire process. We are committed to constantly improving our intranet software. This means that there is always access to regular updates and new features that enhance the intranet's functionality and user experience.


The ROI of intranets for internal comms for your business

Investing in an intranet brings abundant returns to your organization, from increased productivity and streamlined processes to improved communication and collaboration. Staffbase Intranet goes beyond monetary value, positively transforming your company's culture, engagement levels, and overall performance.

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Discover why collaboration with other departments is essential to the success of Smart Workspace.

Better content quicker with enterprise-ready AI

Discover Staffbsae Companion, the game-changing AI assistant within Staffbase's powerful intranet platform.

Better content quicker with enterprise-ready AI
Companion provides communicators with intelligent suggestions to optimize their content, improving style and structure for maximum impact.
With just a single click, communicators can generate compelling titles and teasers that grab attention and drive engagement.
Say goodbye to time-consuming edits. Companion generates summaries in seconds, enhancing readability and brevity for busy readers.
Stuck in a creativity rut? Companion acts as a brainstorming partner, helping communicators kickstart their ideas and overcome writer's block.

Supercharge Your Intranet with Seamless Microsoft 365 Integrations

Leverage the full potential of your company intranet and empower your organization with enhanced collaboration and productivity.


Surface M365 Content

Create a seamless experience between your intranet and the tools and services your employees need to get work done. Add access points and overviews of Microsoft Teams, calendars, files, tasks and more with just one click.

Search from anywhere

A consistent, intuitive, and personal search experience: Empower employees to find their SharePoint files in Staffbase or important Staffbase news in SharePoint.

Access productivity tools

Staffbase can serve as a fully personalized entry point to your digital workplace based on roles, licenses and individual priorities.


Security and compliance are always the highest priority for Staffbase

Staffbase Intranet prioritizes security and compliance to protect your company's sensitive information. With ISO 27001 awarded security and GDPR compliance, you can trust that your data is secure. The platform also ensures targeted access to files, allowing you to surface documents from repositories like SharePoint and Google Drive in a safe and controlled manner.

FAQs about Staffbase’s company intranet software

An intranet is a private network exclusively accessible to your organization's employees. It serves as a centralized digital platform, facilitating internal communication, engagement, and seamless access to essential resources and information.
Building an intranet software involves key steps such as defining objectives, planning content and structure, customizing branding, integrating HR and IT systems, and effectively launching and promoting the intranet. Staffbase offers an intuitive intranet portal that simplifies the process, ensuring a smooth and successful intranet implementation.
A well-functioning intranet can significantly improve business performance and positively impact employee experience and productivity. It is instrumental for creating connection, sharing knowledge, and cultivating an inclusive, engaged culture. By centralizing access to common workplace tools, apps, and documents, an intranet also acts as the gateway to the digital workplace for employees.
Staffbase's employee intranet software empowers your company to excel in various critical tasks. Seamlessly communicate internally, facilitate knowledge sharing, efficiently manage documents, effortlessly onboard and offboard employees, enable self-services for HR, and foster a strong company culture that fuels business success.
Our intranet software is available at varying prices depending on the product plan you select and the number of employee licenses required. We offer three different plans: Starter, Business, and Enterprise. The cost is determined by the chosen plan and the quantity of employee licenses needed, resulting in a customized price for each company.

To receive a quote tailored to your organization, please contact us directly. Our team will be glad to discuss your company's individual needs and help identify the best options for you. Simply request a personalized quote, and we will promptly reach out to initiate the discussion.

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