Cookie Notice

This page forms an integral part of our Privacy Policy where we explain how Staffbase handles your personal information. In this Cookie Notice we explain how Staffbase uses cookies, local storage and similar technologies (together referred to as “cookies”). We explain what cookies are and why we use them, we also inform you about your options to control cookies.

    Cookies are small text files, or similar technologies, that are sent by Staffbase to your computer or mobile device and which enable you to use the Staffbase Website and related features and functionalities. Cookies are also used by us to understand how the Staffbase Website is used and to personalize our content and your browsing experience.

    Just like real-life cookies, internet cookies come in different shapes and flavors. Some cookies may only last while your browser is open (“session cookies”), while other cookies last until you or your browser deletes them or until they expire (“persistent cookies”). Cookies can also be controlled by different parties. When cookies are set and controlled by Staffbase they are called “first-party cookies”. If a third party sets and controls cookies, they are called “third-party cookies”. Cookies are often set for different purposes as well. We explain the purpose of the cookies that are placed by Staffbase or third parties below. An overview of the cookies that are set when you visit the Staffbase Website, including their duration, type, and purpose, can be found at Staffbase Cookie Overview

    Staffbase uses cookies for different purposes. Our cookies can be categorized into the following categories:

    Strictly necessary cookies. These cookies are essential for the Staffbase Website to function. For example, they support our security features and help us detect malicious activities. 

    Functional cookies. These cookies are used to recognize visitors and remember their preferences or settings when they return to the Staffbase Website. These cookies enable us to provide our visitors with enhanced functionality and personalization.

    Performance and Analytics cookies. These cookies help us to understand how the Staffbase Website is used. For example, with these cookies we know which pages are the most and least popular and we see how visitors move around the Staffbase Website. This information helps us to improve the browsing experience.

    Marketing cookies. We use these cookies to help us deliver tailored marketing campaigns and track their performance.

    A list of the cookies used by Staffbase and their purposes can be found at Staffbase Cookie Overview.

    You are able to control your cookie settings in various ways. We will explain how you can check and alter your settings. 

    Browser settings. You can follow the instructions provided by your browser on how to accept, remove, or reject cookies: Chrome; Safari; Firefox; Edge.

    Third party opt-out. To manage cookies from third parties, you can visit the websites and These websites enable you to block cookies from specific third parties. You can also visit the third-party websites to understand and control the settings of cookies from each specific third party. 

    Please be aware that some parts of the Staffbase Website may not properly work if you delete or disable certain cookies.

    Staffbase cookie list. We have included ways to opt-out of specific third party cookies in our Staffbase Cookie Overview.