Cookie Overview

13 October 2020

This page forms an integral part of the Staffbase Privacy Policy and the Cookie Notice. We strive to keep this page up-to-date but we want to emphasise that cookie overviews are always mere snapshots. Due to the constant innovation of the Staffbase Website, and the fact that the internet and the various parties concerned are continually changing, it’s possible that the information in the following cookie overview may not be completely up-to-date. We review our cookie list every six months and we will update this page accordingly.

Strictly Necessary Cookies
Amazon Web ServicesAWSALB7 daysRegisters which server-cluster is serving the website visitor. This is used in context with load balancing, in order to optimize user experience.
Cloudflare__cf_bmsessionUsed to identify trusted web traffic.
__cfduid1 month
ServerownerJSESSIONIDsessionUsed to maintain an anonymous user session by the server.
Staffbasecookieconsent_status12 monthsUsed to remember if visitors have consented to the use of cookies on the Staffbase Website.
wordpress_sessionUsed for the management of the Staffbase Website by Staffbase employees.
wp-settings-12 months
wp-settings-time-12 months
Functional Cookies
LinkedInlangsessionUsed to store the language preferences of a visitor to serve up content in that stored language on the next visit. Click here to opt-out.
XingkununusessionUsed in context with Staffbase’s rating function. Presents the visitor with ratings based on experiences of others.
kununu_op12 months
Zendesk_help_center_sessionsessionUsed to provide our support portal widget provided by Zendesk.
Performance and Analytics Cookies
Adobe Targetmbox2 yearsUsed to determine a unique user, their browser and the currently running browser session. Information identifiers are assigned for this purpose.
Google Analytics_ga2 yearsUsed by Google Analytics to understand visitor interaction with the Staffbase Website. We use this information to compile reports and to help us improve the Staffbase Website. Click here to opt-out.
_gid1 day
Hotjar_hjidMaximum of 12 monthsThese cookies are used to understand how the Staffbase Website is used, for instance via heatmaps or user funnels. Click here to opt-out.
Hubspot__hsscMaximum of 30 minutesUsed for website analytics to improve the Staffbase Website and to measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns.
csrf.app12 months
__hstc13 months
hubspotutk13 months
hubspoapi-prefs12 months
hubspotapi-csrf12 months
Intercomintercom-id-<id>9 monthsAnonymous visitor identifier cookie.
intercom-session-<id>7 daysUsed by Intercom messenger to keep track of sessions.
Bizible_biz_dfsA12 monthsThese cookies collect information that is used to help us understand how the Staffbase Website is used, how effective our marketing campaigns are, or to help us customize the Staffbase Website for our visitors. Click here to opt-out.
_biz_flagsA12 months
_biz_nA12 months
_biz_pendingA12 months
_biz_uid12 months
_BUID12 months
Marketo_mkto_trk2 yearsAllows us to link visitor behavior to the recipient of an email marketing campaign, to measure campaign effectiveness.
Qualified__q_state_sessionContains a number of attributes identifying the website visitor and his/her interaction with the Qualified chat widget
_qualified_sessionsessionThis isn’t set on Staffbase Website visitors. This cookie is only used to ensure Staffbase employees using Qualified can log into the Qualified application.
Clearbitcb_anonymous_id12 monthsWe use Clearbit’s API to enrich visitor profiles based on data we have already gathered, like email or IP addresses. We use this data to better understand the types of users interested in our product. Click here to opt-out.
cb_group_id12 months
cb_user_id12 months
GlassdoorcasssessionUsed for the provision and performance of the Glassdoor Badge widget on the Staffbase Website.
gdId10 years
VWO_vis_opt_exp_27_combi3 monthsUsed to measure the performance of the Staffbase Website and to understand visitor behavior to improve the Staffbase Website. We use the VWO’s services to optimise and variate certain pages on the Staffbase Website, for example by using A/B testing. The cookies are used to keep track of the variation that a visitor has seen and to understand, upon a return visit, whether that visitor was part of the relevant A/B test. Click here to opt-out.
_vis_opt_s3 months
_vwo_ds2 months
_vwo_sn30 minutes
_vwo_uuid1 years
_vwo_uuid_v212 months
Xingkununu_countrysessionUsed in connection with the Kununu employer rating platform.
YouTubeYSCsessionUsed to track views of embedded videos. Click here to opt-out.
Marketing Cookies
easy Marketing GmbHtrs12 monthsThis cookie stores a unique ID as part of affiliate marketing.
Facebook_fbp3 monthsUsed to provide visitors of the Staffbase Website with more relevant advertising across Facebook. Click here to opt-out.
AA0033 months
ATN2 years
fr3 months
Google AdSense_gcl_au3 monthsUsed for experimenting with advertisement efficiency across websites using their services. Click here to opt-out.
Google DoubleClickIDE13 monthsUsed to understand how visitors use the Staffbase Website and any advertising that the visitor may have seen before visiting the website. Click here to opt-out.
test_cookie15 minutesUsed to determine if the visitor’s browser supports cookies. Click here to opt-out.
Linkedinbcookie2 years Used by the social networking service, LinkedIn, for tracking the use of embedded services. Click here to opt-out.
bscookie2 years
li_sugr3 months
lidc1 day
lissc12 months
UserMatchHistory1 month
MicrosoftMUID13 monthsThe cookie is set by embedded Microsoft scripts. The purpose of this cookie is to synchronize a unique ID across many different Microsoft domains to enable visitor tracking. Click here to opt-out.
Twitterpersonalization_idMaximum of 2 yearsThese cookies are provided by Twitter to enable visitors to see and share content displayed on the Staffbase Website and Twitter feed. Click here to opt-out.
eu.cn2 years
guest_id2 years
btc_opt_in12 months
YouTubeGPSsessionThese cookies keep track of visitor preferences for Youtube videos embedded in sites. Click here to opt-out.