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Revolutionizing communication at DHL Group

Facing the challenge of engaging 600,000 employees across 220 countries, DHL turned to a digital solution. With Staffbase they broke down communication barriers and brought their workforce together on a single platform. The result? A unified, engaged, and empowered global team.


Increasing productivity and reducing risk at SAK Construction

With a workforce comprised of 70% non-desk workers, SAK Construction needed to connect and engage with employees who work all hours of the day in different locations. Their custom app has become a vital tool for their crews to perform their jobs daily, providing them with the resources they need, when they need them, right on their phones. Learn how they've increased their team's productivity, reduced risk and costs and connected their entire team on the ground.


Transforming communication at Bethany Children's Health Center

With over 1,000 employees spread across a 400,000 sq. ft. multi-unit complex care facility, Bethany Children's Health Center turned to Staffbase to connect and engage with their employees. Their app and intranet, Buzzcom, has unified their team, removed information silos and helped foster a strong company culture. Discover their modernization journey and how they're preparing for a $100 million expansion.

Staffbase customer RHI Magnesita with three employees in a factory

Effective change management at RHI Magnesita

Unified change communication for 14,000 workers across four continents? An employee app made it possible! Following a merger, all workers at RHI Magnesita had a direct line-right in their pocket-to company news and culture.


Reducing risk and increasing employee engagement at Seaboard Triumph Foods

After implementing an employee app, STF measured the return on their investment. They can now prove strong internal comms are good for business-from lowered risk and costs to increased employee engagement and productivity.

Staffbase Retail Customer Max Mara Fashion Group

How Max Mara Fashion Group informed, engaged, and aligned their entire workforce

Through the implementation of an employee app, Max Mara Fashion Group connected 5,500+ employees and has over 3,700 employees actively using the app per week.


How Sunbelt Rentals sharpened their comms strategy and transformed their business

Sunbelt Rentals connected 3,700 employees (mostly non-desk) across 200+ locations with an employee app and seamlessly and successfully merged 20 brands into one.

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Big thank you to the team at Staffbase. Our app has not only revolutionized internal communications, but also completely changed our company culture for the better.

Tore Prang Head of Communications & Marketing, Heraeus


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The Staffbase platform leads the pack for ease, accessibility, and support. Don’t just take it from us. Find out why our customers give us an average 4.7/5 stars on G2.


Communicating in Crisis:

How Valorum Care Group Reaches All Their Healthcare Employees with Staffbase

See how an employee app solved this healthcare provider’s comms challenges in the midst of the pandemic. Plus, get concrete tips from Valorum’s IC pro on how to make your project a success, even during crisis.

Leading companies are improving their workplaces with Staffbase


Vodafone Ziggo

Technicians in the field at Vodafone went from scattered channels and device overload to one employee app to connect to HQ, troubleshoot, and save an average of ten minutes on every service ticket.
Staffbase Customer UC Health showing hospital staff

UC Health

Reinvigorating company culture, unifying communications during crisis, and combating burnout. It’s all in a day’s work for the team at UC Health. With their app, they increased employee engagement by 125% for 12,000 healthcare professionals at 1,000 locations.
Staffbase customer DHL Employee with a package to deliver


The world's largest logistics firm makes internal comms relevant and reachable. More than half a million employees across 220 countries rely on their employee app for global news, local communications, and connection to company culture.
Staffbase Customer USAL US Autologitics employee with app in hand

U.S. Auto Logistics

U.S. Auto Logistics finally reached their entire workforce and increased employee survey responses by 96%. Their employee app from Staffbase puts news and info in employees' hands-right when it happens-and makes feedback possible instantly.
Staffbase Customer Sparkpower showing three employees smiling

Spark Power

Acquisitions and a growing remote workforce made engaging and retaining employees a challenge. Now 80% of workers stay informed and engaged simultaneously across 35 locations with their employee app.
Staffbase customer NBA with basketball net and ball


The NBA uses their Staffbase app as an “employee briefcase.” All the information traveling corporate employees need is in their app, on demand, and directly connected to their digital workplace.
Staffbase Customer dreams with an employee stacking mattresses


Staffbase unified communications in a crisis. From scattered channels to one platform that reaches warehouse, storefront, and HQ employees, even when 85% are furloughed.
Staffbase customer Tradewinds island resorts with employee

TradeWinds Resort

“I’ve been doing an employee engagement survey for 18 years, and last year our scores rose in every single category.” - Don Wooldridge, Vice President of Culture Development and Education

EDF Renewables

EDF created an inclusive and connected culture for their multilingual, multinational workforce. Their app simultaneously reaches and connects 1,100+ utility employees across three countries.