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Minchinbury, NSW
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ALDI Australia

With more than 580 locations in six states and territories, 16,000+ employees, and 1,000+ Australian business partners, ALDI Australia is a leader in the Australian grocery store market.

ALDI Australia’s workforce is largely frontline workers who don’t sit at a desk. With such large teams and administrative tasks handled on a case-by-case basis by one store manager per location, the workload was piling up. They needed to provide their frontline workers with access to self-services to offset that workload. And change was needed to ensure the right message was getting to the right people at the right time.



Owning Their Narrative

They needed a way to cut through the noise and deliver their message directly to employees. They needed an employee app to communicate a consistent narrative across the organization.


Non-Desk Workers

ALDI Australia’s workforce is comprised of 16,000+ workers across 580+ locations. This includes cashiers, the warehouse crews, drivers, as well as the head office team.



They needed a way to not only connect and engage with their employees, but for their employees to connect and engage with each other. A change was needed to ensure the right message was getting to the right people at the right time.



Information and administrative tasks were being handled by one dedicated store manager, and the workload was overwhelming. They needed a way to streamline processes and make information quick and easy to find for all of their employees.


“Shaping the narrative with our employees and driving productivity through shared purpose has been at the heart of why we moved to an app. And the benefits you get from the HR systems that can be plugged into it lead to cost efficiencies and a better employee experience.”

Results in Numbers

99 %
Registered users
94 %
Average monthly active users
84 %
Average weekly active users

Success Outcomes


One-Stop Shop Efficiency

They launched their branded app, MyALDI, in October 2021. Since then, MyALDI has allowed them to segment messages and deliver them in real time. More importantly, it has allowed them to measure the impact of the content that’s been shared.

MyALDI now serves as a one-stop-shop for everything their employees need, including payroll, rostering, benefits, feedback, training, and more.



ALDI Australia has achieved amazing results when it comes to employee registration and engagement. With a 99% adoption rate, practically their entire workforce has registered for MyALDI. This includes their team in the office. That’s over 16,000 individuals.

They maintain an average monthly active user rate of 94%, as well as a weekly average rate of 84%. Adrian and his team have utilised the analytics available through MyALDI to better understand their workforce and get the pulse on employee engagement.


Cost Savings

The ability to provide employees with one place to access relevant, trusted information provides immeasurable cost savings for the business. With multiple integrations available for employee self-services, employees have the power to make updates to their account entirely on their own. This saves both time and money by reducing the workload for their HR team and streamlining processes through the power of automation


Employee Feedback & Retention

By utilising feedback forms and surveys, ALDI Australia is able to take the pulse of their frontline workers. They receive insights about everything from the products they source to the setup within individual stores, and they even have a direct line to the feedback shared by customers to the frontline employees.

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To be able to listen and hear feedback about the impact of those decisions from the people who are facing customers every day is one of the greatest business benefits of the app.

Adrian Christie Director of Communications

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