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Munich, Germany
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Retail and agribusiness conglomerate


BayWa operates globally with a presence in approximately 50 countries through over 440 subsidiaries. Engaged in diverse business areas, including agriculture, construction and energy, BayWa has complex communication needs.

With around 25,000 employees working in various environments globally, connecting them poses a unique challenge. Whether in trucks, warehouses, field service, workshops, construction sites, or orchards, BayWa seeks to foster unity among all its employees.


Diverse Working Environments

Many employees in the field lacked a centralized communication platform. BayWa needed to bridge the gap between administrative and operational employees who worked away from desks.

Information Overload and Disparity

Employees faced information overload and scattered communication channels. Traditional methods such as bulletin boards and printed magazines, no matter how frequently they were published, were not sufficient.

Communication Amid Crisis

During crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine, BayWa struggled to provide timely and cohesive information. There was a need for a platform that could address urgent matters promptly.

Audience-Specific Content Delivery

With diverse business areas, the challenge was to deliver targeted and audience-specific content to meet the varying information needs of employees. The hope was that this would boost engagement.


"Open communication is particularly important to us as a corporation, in line with our cooperative roots. Therefore, we actively promote transparency between employees. Every bit of shared content, every photo, and every video from individual users makes them feel more connected to our brand and mission. We notice in the posts time and again: Employees not only work at BayWa; they also live BayWa. Together, we can celebrate successes across the board, such as the announcement of a specially brewed BayWa beer. This unique form of identification, as lived at BayWa, is the greatest compliment for an employer."

Results in Numbers

95 %
Commercial employees registered
75 %
Industrial employees registered
35 %
Employees regularly engaging

My BayWa Efficiency

In 2018, BayWa revolutionized internal communication with the MyBayWa app. Installed on employee’s mobile devices, it ensures quick tool access, seamless information flow, and effortless collaboration.

In May 2019, BayWa won the Inkometa Award for its app's alignment with the communication strategy. The app continues to play a pivotal role in enhancing connectivity and engagement among employees.



MyBayWa has woven a robust digital tapestry, registering over 16,200 employees and embracing 95% of commercial colleagues as active users. The app's strategic placement as the desktop intranet homepage ensures seamless employee access.

From the app's inception in 2018 until 2023, metrics for BayWa’s target group have more than doubled, with a remarkable 35% of users regularly engaging. These numbers underscore the app's role as a powerful tool in fostering engagement, communication, and a cohesive work environment.


Content for Diverse Needs

With Staffbase, BayWa found a dynamic platform fostering mutual inspiration, learning, and seamless sharing. The app's editorial content, enriched with contextualized topics, visual material, images, and videos, ensures that communication is both personalized and centralized.

Recognizing the varied working realities across sectors, MyBayWa continues to evolve, emphasizing targeted and audience-specific content delivery to sustain growth and success across the corporation. Their commitment remains the same as they grow: Connection creates success at BayWa.


Envisioning Digital Connections

Facilitating specialized exchanges and seamless connections, MyBayWa provides a space where every piece of shared content strengthens employees’ connection to and pride in the BayWa brand.

It aligns with BayWa's mission, echoing the motto: "Doing what really matters". As they embark on this journey, MyBayWa will continue to evolve, ensuring open communication, transparency, and a culture where employees work, live, and celebrate success together.

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We continuously expand the app to further tailor it to the needs of employees. In the future, we want to push the possibilities of My BayWa even further by generating newsletters for individual distribution groups with tailored content and further personalizing individual entries into the app. Building on what we have achieved so far: The app has become THE communication and workplace platform for a large part of the BayWa workforce — and a significant contribution to this has been made by our users themselves by shaping and supporting My BayWa.

Anja Walther Digital Internal Communication Specialist at BayWa

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