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Bethany, Oklahoma
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Bethany Children’s Health Center

is an innovative leader in the field of pediatric rehabilitation and 24-hour complex care. The private, non-profit hospital offers inpatient and outpatient services for children and is the only inpatient pediatric rehabilitation facility in Oklahoma. Their multidisciplinary team works with patients and their families to maximize every child’s potential, and ensure the family has the training and resources needed for a smooth transition from hospital to home.

Bethany Children's now has over 1000 employees and will soon undergo another $100 million expansion project.

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The Challenges

They needed to engage non-desk employees who work all hours of the day and who are in direct contact with patients.
With 90% of Bethany Children’s workforce being non-desk, effective remote communication was a significant challenge.
Communication Silos
The need was to make information more accessible, ensuring it reached the right people at the right time.
The solution had to be both desktop and mobile-friendly, but above all, it needed to meet strict security standards to protect patient information.

“Before our employee app Buzzcom, our employees had a great need for streamlined communication. Departments were siloed and information wasn’t getting to the right people at the right time. All of that has changed since working with Staffbase.”

Results in Numbers

100 %
registered users maintained
80 %
of staff were onboarded in under 6 months
80 %
active users maintained

Critical Success Factors


Communication & Efficiency

Each department has their own hub in Buzzcom. This allows everyone in that department to hear from their leader at any time, whether it’s weekly meeting updates or general hospital-wide communication.

Doctors and nurses are always on the floor working to take care of patients, and they don’t have time to be behind a computer or on their phone 24/7. Buzzcom allows them to quickly and easily find the information they need when they need it. It has increased efficiency and provides staff more time to do the important work that they do.



The most popular Buzzcom page has been “Notes from Nico.” The CEO, Nico Gomez, shares a weekly post that consistently receives the highest readership in the app. Each summer, Nico invites members of the executive team to do a feature on his note, offering greater insight into each department and ensuring that everyone’s voices are heard.


Crisis Communication

Not only has the employee app helped unify Bethany Children’s, it’s also helped with timely and efficient crisis communication. When the town of Bethany issued an advisory that the water was not safe to drink, a quick alert was sent out to all team members to halt water use while the issue was being reviewed.

This quick action garnered the Bethany Children’s communications team Ragan’s 2023 Crisis Communications Award in the Healthcare Industry category.



One of the greatest successes of Buzzcom has been its effect towards building a strong company culture. A department hub called Mission and Culture is used to share articles, stories, and videos about events at the hospital that might have otherwise gone under the radar.

The app includes a Social Wall where staff can share things like shoutouts to other team members or personal stories, such as a family member’s upcoming fundraising event.

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We did not foresee just how valuable our app would be. We have used it to communicate about everything from unexpected natural disaster precautions and policies to hospital-wide updates that had to be implemented immediately.

Richard Mills-Tetteh Director of Corporate Communications

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