About the Company

Bonn, Germany
(Deutsche Post AG)
Company size:
approx. 600,000

DHL Group

DHL Group is a global company with 600,000 employees in 220 countries. The company has introduced the Smart Workspace aimed to offer all employees a uniform digital and, above all, global communications platform as a gateway to the digital corporate world. Desk employees as well as operational employees such as mail and parcel delivery staff without a digital workplace now have access to the intranet with their private smartphones, tablets, or PCs.

The most important success factor in the introduction of new digital solutions is “enabling employees,” which DHL Group has solved with a 4C engagement concept: Smart Campaign, Smart Curriculum, Smart Center, and Smart Communities.


Non-Desk Workers
300,000 frontline employees had no access to the company-wide intranet.
Digital Change
Employees without intranet access were excluded from digital progress.
The project shouldn’t need much coordination effort to provide quick results and should be easily expandable.
All employees should be reachable with personalized information (including push notifications).

“The Smart Connect app is a game changer creating a fully new employee experience. For the first time, all 600,000 Colleagues across the DHL Group can access the information and apps they need on a single platform where and whenever they want.”

Smart Workspace in Numbers

active Users
(Smart Connect)
countries where Smart Workspace has been enrolled
different languages can be chosen within the platform

4C Engagement Concept

Smart Campaign
The global rollout campaign to make all employees aware of Smart Workspace.
Smart Curriculum
A series of videos and simple e-learning sessions explaining the use cases of the new platform.
Smart Center
The place to find all information and use cases about the Smart Workspace in 20 languages.
Smart Communities
The ability of the entire workforce to exchange information with each other digitally.

Critical Success Factors


Holistic solution

An Integrated Employee Experience Platform replaces widespread tool usage.



Staffbase as a unified Front Door Intranet, employee experience platform, and gateway to the new Smart Workspace. It features optionally personalized content for all users (for example, global news on company strategy, a global employee survey, local content in local language), available on both mobile and desktop devices.


Smooth interaction with Microsoft 365

Content that is only relevant for smaller user groups is provided in SharePoint hubs (libraries) in the intranet layout. This ensures that the actual intranet is not overloaded with content.


Professional project management

Smart Workplace is guided by a central, agile project team consisting of members from HR, IT, Internal Communications, and other divisions, all supported by champions from the different countries.


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Discover why collaboration with other departments is essential to the success of Smart Workspace.

DHL Group is able to reach all employees digitally for the first time. This enables a much stronger sense of togetherness and opens up the opportunity to provide all employees with relevant content that makes their daily work easier.

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Experience the award-winning Intranet that powered DHL's transformation

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