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Dishoom, a highly successful culinary venture renowned for its Indian cuisine, has firmly established its presence with nine thriving café locations across the United Kingdom. As a flourishing company with a substantial footprint in the restaurant landscape, Dishoom boasts a sizable workforce of over 1,750 employees.

Recognizing the need to enhance internal communications within their expansive and predominantly non-office-based teams, Dishoom initiated a transformative journey in 2021. Faced with the intricate challenge of unifying a workforce spread across multiple locations, Dishoom aims to revolutionize internal communication to keep everyone informed and on track.


Diverse Methods & Inadequate Results

Dishoom's varied communication methods, from internal emails to town hall meetings, fell short in achieving effective and cohesive communication.

Environmental & Cost Concerns

Printing and distributing posters incurred high costs (£600 per set) and raised environmental issues, prompting a shift to a more cost-effective digital format.

Limited Engagement Data

Dishoom struggled to measure engagement beyond email open rates and Facebook likes, lacking comprehensive data for informed decision-making.

Outdated Channels

Dishoom faced challenges with Facebook, deemed outdated for younger workers entering the hospitality industry, leading to a need for a more modern and user-friendly communication platform.

Complex Engagement Measurement

Existing data dashboards failed to provide a clear picture, making it difficult to discern individual interactions and hindering effective engagement tracking.


“Staffbase stood out because it offered the integration we needed with our rotas. It also allowed us to tag different groups, enabling targeted push notifications. And features like ‘Journeys’ were a significant attraction for us, although we hadn’t initially considered them.”

Results in Numbers

97 %
Registration rate
50 %
Average weekly active users
Average weekly friend referral

Implementation & Launch

After selecting the Staffbase app as their internal communication solution, Dishoom prioritized mobile-friendly content, refining it for clarity and conciseness. They segmented messages for targeted notifications, revamped the homepage, and involved critical content decision-makers. The Director of HR played a significant role, collaborating with the in-house team and Staffbase experts for implementation.

Despite some feature changes over time, they had a smooth technical process and enjoyed focusing on navigation, design, and functionality. The team called the app Dishoom Wallas and kept its launch a surprise, building anticipation with clues and countdowns. On launch day, they celebrated with matching colours, cupcakes, balloons, and an intro video from the founder, making it unforgettable.



Currently, Dishoom boasts some impressive statistics, boasting a solid 97% registration rate. About 50% of the team actively uses the weekly app, emphasizing its actual value and meaningful engagement.

The noteworthy part is the prominence of user-generated content, clearly reflecting the team's genuine enthusiasm and strong involvement. High engagement, coupled with enticing prizes like trips to India and black cards for free café food, has marked the initiative's major success, enabling everyone to express gratitude for the team's hard work during busy periods.


Referral programme & Feedback

Dishoom Wallas centralized information, making it easily accessible, organized, and searchable. This streamlined communication saved costs and ensured timely updates for the team. Dishoom achieved notable success using the app, garnering 25 friend referrals for job postings within a week.

The app has enhanced employee happiness and job satisfaction, with the Quiz Calendar being a standout initiative. This daily trivia has significantly contributed to retention and overall contentment.


Looking forward

With the Staffbase app, Dishoom centralized and streamlined information, providing equal access for its extensive workforce.

Dishoom, however, sees continuous improvement as an ongoing mission. In 2024, the company plans to redesign their platform to enhance aesthetics and make information more accessible.

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I have nothing but praise for everyone at Staffbase. I've had a really good time working with them since the start and the support has been great. Even when I email, I get a response quickly. Everyone’s eager to help, and if they can't resolve an issue immediately, they take the time to investigate and get back to me.

Tyler Rose Internal Communications and Team Engagement

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