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Fresca Group

Fresca Group operates a network of companies in the UK's fruit and vegetable market, generating group sales of over £460 million GBP. The company has 1,200+ employees in offices, greenhouses, factories, and warehouses.

Despite its diverse operations, Fresca remains committed to delivering exceptional service to its customers, including major retailers and wholesale markets, and ensuring every employee feels connected and valued.

Communication Gaps

Prior to implementing the mobile app, Fresca faced significant communication gaps, especially on a mass scale.
Operational staff without computer access relied on printed materials like posters and leaflets, which were costly, quickly outdated, and lacked tracking capabilities.

Facilitating Transparent Feedback

Leveraging the updated comms platform, Fresca aimed to communicate outcomes and facilitate transparent feedback mechanisms.
The goal was to foster a culture of engagement by providing a centralized platform for interaction, feedback, and staying informed on company-wide developments.

Targeted Communication

Difficulty in effectively targeting communication to the right audience was a challenge.
Fresca sought a solution to personalize and localize news for individual business units rather than sending generic group-wide updates.

Need for Updates and Investment

Despite initial improvements, Fresca recognized the necessity for further updates and investment in its communication platform by 2022. Conducting a group-wide colleague survey and implementing the "Receive, Review, Respond, Repeat" program highlighted the need for a more robust communication infrastructure to support engagement initiatives.


"With local admin champions, admin buy-in, and acceptance of the new app, it’s improved massively on where we were in 2022. It’s now down to us to work with them to really forge adoption locally and look at our first year of results to see how far we’ve come."

Results in Numbers

54 %
increase in engagement since the app relaunch
82 %
of posts receive user interactions
85 %
of users viewed the most popular post on the app

Critical Success Factors


Selection, Implementation & Launch

Fresca's decision to choose Staffbase was influenced by their existing partnership, with tailored solutions aligning with their objectives. Overcoming internal challenges, particularly securing approval and funding, required comprehensive training sessions and showcasing Staffbase's benefits.

Fresca Group approached implementation by starting from the basics, aligning with their specific requirements, and showcasing the possibilities. The company performed a thorough analysis to identify gaps for the initial launch and ongoing development. Their strategy was to create captivating content themes to enhance the engagement levels of the entire platform. The Grapevine app's launch aimed to encourage regular employee engagement, establish it as a primary source for company information, and enhance content diversity.


Engagement Surge

Since the app's relaunch, Fresca experienced a notable surge in employee engagement, witnessing a remarkable 54% increase in interaction levels across the platform. This substantial improvement underscores the app's effectiveness in fostering communication and connection among the workforce.

By providing personalized yet far-reaching communication channels, the app empowers employees to engage actively with information, contributing to a vibrant internal communication environment.This high level of engagement highlights the platform's success in captivating employees' attention and encouraging meaningful interaction within the organization.


Interactive Content

A key success factor for Fresca's internal communication platform is its ability to deliver interactive content that resonates with employees. With 81% of posts receiving user interactions, the platform effectively captures employees' interest and encourages active participation.

By leveraging the Staffbase app as a platform for competitions and giveaways, Fresca has successfully fostered morale and office camaraderie, further enhancing employee engagement and satisfaction. This customization, combined with comprehensive training sessions and the appointment of local administrators and champions, has led to a surge in content creation and engagement across various departments, marking a significant improvement since 2017.


Popular Post Views

Another notable achievement of Fresca's internal communication platform is the widespread viewership of critical posts, with 85% of users viewing the most popular post on the app. This statistic underscores the platform's effectiveness in disseminating important information and ensuring that key messages reach a wide audience within the organization.

By providing a centralized platform for employees to interact, offer feedback, and stay informed on company-wide developments, the platform has become a primary source for important company information and updates. This widespread viewership reflects employees' trust and reliance on the platform, further solidifying its position as a critical communication tool.


Looking Forward

Fresca is dedicated to elevating its internal communication app to new heights. With a forward-looking approach, they aim to fine-tune design elements, harnessing input from Staffbase colleagues to optimize user experience.

Moreover, Fresca remains unwavering in its commitment to addressing identified areas for enhancement within Staffbase, ensuring maximum platform effectiveness and overall value.

Fresh communication: How Fresca connects more than 1,200 employees from farm to shop

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A rebrand and relaunch helps refresh everyone’s radar and gives it visibility once again. We now include our new feeds on our business unit intranet, which gives content even more exposure than before. It’s seen as a very important and credible communication channel for the business.

Shelley Kingsnorth Digital Content Business Partner, Fresca

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