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Max Mara Fashion Group

Through passion, commitment and tradition, Max Mara Fashion Group is recognised worldwide as the precursor of modern pret-à-porter fashion. Since 1951, the group has designed, manufactured and distributed fashion to a total of 9 brands. Today, they have a network of over 2,500 brand stores and more than 5,500 employees working across the globe.

Challenges for Max Mara Fashion Group


One central way to communicate

Having a dispersed workforce with employees spread across 105 countries, Max Mara Fashion Group needed one platform that would connect their employees in one central place.

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Worldwide collaboration

With so many employees spread across different locations, Max Mara Fashion Group needed a solution that would enable over 50 editors worldwide to collaborate and share information.


Relevant information

One of the biggest challenges Max Mara Fashion Group faced was providing relevant, timely information to employees. They needed to offer comms that was focused on their employees location, role, company, and brand.

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Branding and customisation

Max Mara Fashion Group needed a platform that reflected their brand values and traditions. They were on the hunt for a solution that would offer the ability to completely customise the app in terms of structure and branding.

Results in Numbers


5500 +
Employees worldwide
79 %
Adoption rate
80 %
Monthly active users

A mobile-first solution that informed, engaged and aligned an entire workforce

Max Mara Fashion Group’s employee app, MMFG People, is a user-friendly mobile application that engages, connects and encourages collaboration among their 5,500 dispersed employees spread across 105 countries.

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Employee App from Fashion Group Max Mara Startpage with Brand News
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How Max Mara Fashion Group Informed, Engaged and Aligned Their Entire Workforce

Case Study

A One-Stop Shop for Internal Comms

How Max Mara Fashion Group Informed, Engaged and Aligned Their Entire Workforce

Employee App from Fashion Group Max Mara with Screen on coming back to work after the pandemic and an employee with mask looking at her phone

The biggest unexpected benefit:

One of the biggest successes of Max Mara Fashion Group’s MMFG People App has been the ability to connect and engage their entire workforce during the pandemic. In March 2020, when the pandemic began shutting down headquarters and retail stores, the HRM Department was able to respond efficiently and effectively to provide information, protocols, and dedicated e-learning courses to their employees daily.

The aim is to stay connected to our employees in this delicate period by not only communicating government and company regulations, but to also engage with them about cultural initiatives such as virtual events, home fitness, food challenges, etc. What we are most proud of is that our team acknowledges that the most important aim of our app is to stay connected to our employees.”

HRM Director - at Max Mara Fashion Group

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