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SAK Construction

Formed in 2006, SAK Construction hit the ground running in 2008 with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri; four regional offices; and four satellite offices across the United States. SAK is a pipeline rehabilitation and tunnel contractor company.

With over 500 full-time employees, they’re rehabbing sewer and water lines without having to dig up the lines themselves, thus avoiding disruptions to the areas needing repair.



Non-Desk Workers

SAK Construction’s workforce is 70% non-desk, with many of those workers travelling Monday - Thursday.

They needed a way to ensure the workers in the field got the same information as those in the offices.



With such a dispersed workforce, they had no way of connecting their employees. They needed to engage non-desk employees who work all hours of the day in different locations.



Inefficiency is the result of time-consuming activities that hamper employee productivity and workflow.

They needed a way to streamline processes and make information quick and easy to find for their employees.



In the construction industry, risk prevention is top of mind. One of the main safety challenges in construction is a lack of communication.

They needed to ensure their team was equipped with the right tools to succeed and stay safe on the job.


“The app has become a part of how we do business at SAK. It has become a vital tool for our crews to perform their jobs daily, providing them with the resources they need, when they need them, right on their phones.”

An App That Reaches Their Dispersed Workforce

97 %
registration rate
71 %
active weekly users
91 %
active monthly users

Laying the foundation for strong internal comms leads to returns across the business



To keep information easy to find and relevant to employees, Scott created two different home pages, one for employees who work in the office and another for employees in the field. For those at construction sites, they see a homepage called The Toolbox. It includes forms to input information, how-to videos, and more, all designed to make finding information a breeze. Scott was also able to put together custom calculators that crews can easily access to take necessary measurements. These features have saved his crew a lot of time in the field.


Cost Savings

With their employee app, Scott and fellow SAK managers can easily spread targeted, relevant information. Scott can now segment specific regions of the business and send them news and notifications tailored to their location. They no longer rely on mailers and flyers, and have cut their printing costs significantly.

The app has even produced some unforeseen cost benefits, such as a contribution towards a successful referral program.


Risk Reduction

The team at SAK enables their teams on the ground with a digital safety handbook they can access directly on their mobile devices. It includes safety checklists, forms to report incidents, and it’s enabled for push notifications to be used in case of emergencies.



On the app dashboard, Scott can easily find analytics about the performance of his posts. Likes, comments, and acknowledgements are pulled together and Scott has the ability to send a push notification to only the employees who haven’t yet seen important information. Scott has also held many contests in the app and watched engagement skyrocket.

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Discover how this construction leader informs and unites their workforce while increasing productivity and reducing risk.

With Staffbase we can custom-develop our app and because of that it’s become an integral part of our operations. We didn’t want an out-of-the-box product. We were looking for a company that grows, changes, and adapts with SAK, and we found just that with Staffbase.

Scott Linke Marketing Manager at SAK Construction

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