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Team Cowabunga

With 112 locations across three states, Team Cowabunga is one of the largest singly-owned Domino’s franchises in the United States. Cowabunga now employs 2,500+ employees, all committed to helping Domino’s be every neighborhood’s favorite pizza place.

Maredie Palmer, Communications and Digital Experience Manager at Team Cowabunga, has her hands full when it comes to both internal and external communications. As a mighty team of one, she works together alongside multiple departments to ensure the proper messaging is reflected externally and that employees on the ground stay well-informed and connected.


Reach Non-Desk Workers

Team Cowabunga’s workforce is made up almost entirely of frontline workers who do not sit behind desks. Messages were being relayed by email and a pizza stained bulletin board in the back room of each location. This was proving to be a less effective than other means of communication.

Reduce Turnover

Team Cowabunga offers a clear career path where employees are given the tools and opportunities to advance and grow. They needed to make this known to all employees in order to retain their amazing talents and reduce the time and costs associated with training new team members.

Increase Engagement

They needed to provide their frontline workers with access to a single source of truth, and access needed to be quick and efficient. They needed a way to not only connect and engage with their employees, but for their employees to connect and engage with each other.


“When we were looking to solve our communications challenges, Staffbase looked to be a simple and cost-efficient way to reach our entire team. And that has been proven every bit true. Staffbase has been a huge asset for us as a company.”

An app that reaches their frontline workforce

2500 +
87 %
Active monthly users

Getting the right messages to the right people at the right time


One-Stop Shop

Team Cowabunga launched their branded app and intranet, BungaHub, in March 2022. Since then, BungaHub has allowed them to segment messages and deliver them in real time.

More importantly, it has allowed them to measure the impact of the content that’s been shared. BungaHub now serves as a one-stop shop for everything their employees need, including benefits, feedback, HR integrations, training, career growth, and more.


Employee Feedback & Retention

By utilizing feedback forms and surveys, Team Cowabunga is able to take the pulse of their frontline workers. Since their launch they have utilized the forms feature to set up an HR suggestion box as well as conducted 30+ surveys.

Not only have they been able to put these features in place quickly and easily, but they’ve done so with measurable results. These features provide management with a direct line to frontline employee feedback, as well as to the feedback shared by customers to the frontline employees.


Career Growth

With BungaHub, they’ve been able to make career advancement top of mind to their employees across the business.

With their “Full Potential Money Map”, employees have a clear view of what positions are available as well as detailed job descriptions. Team members can also easily access their Training Hub to take learning and growth into their own hands.Since implementing the Full Potential Money Map they’ve seen a rise in page views and advancement applications. “Working at Cowabunga is not just a short-term thing — you can have a career here.”


Strong Team Culture

Team Cowabunga began with a family feel and they wanted to keep that same sense of community as they grew. With BungaHub, the CEO is able to send out a regular update called “Mike’s Corner” where he shares important updates and exciting announcements.

It’s something the employees truly appreciate and enjoy. He’s able to share text and images, as well as videos (his preferred method of communication).


Increase Engagement

Maredie takes advantage of the analytics available and regularly reviews usage metrics. She reviews the daily, weekly, and monthly active users to gauge the type of content she puts out as well as the timing and frequency of said content.

This enables her to make the right decisions about when to share more lighthearted content and when important and urgent messaging is best broadcast.

Team Cowabunga is service obsessed with everything that they do, and that includes the service they offer to their employees

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Staffbase has provided us with so many different ways to keep our employees engaged. We’ll often push out fun quizzes, we frequently send feedback surveys, and we’ll even do competitions from time to time and reward employees with gift cards. It’s a great way to get employees to interact and engage on BungaHub, and it’s proven tremendously valuable.

Maredie Palmer Communications and Digital Experience Manager

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