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The Social Hub

The Social Hub is a rapidly expanding hybrid hospitality company based in Amsterdam, providing a dynamic experience for hotel guests, students, and extended stay visitors. With a mission to foster community and connectivity, The Social Hub offers more than just accommodation; it includes co-working spaces, meeting facilities, and various dining options. Currently operating 18 hotels, the company plans further expansion into cities like Porto, Rome, Florence, Lisbon, and Turin. With around 1,250 employees across support hubs in Amsterdam and Barcelona and operations, The Social Hub is committed to delivering exceptional service and memorable experiences to its diverse clientele.


Communication Gaps

Generic mass emails were often overlooked, causing information overload and creating knowledge gaps. A lack of personalized communication led to a sense of disconnection among team members and slowed collaboration.

Missing Data

Without tracking metrics like email open rates and engagement levels, The Social Hub couldn't evaluate its communication strategies. This lack of data made it hard to assess the impact, identify improvements, and optimize internal communication channels.

Lack of Central Platform

Without a centralized platform, employees struggled to access timely information. The lack of an intranet for document sharing forced them to navigate complex systems, leading to inefficiencies and frustration.


“There were lots of activation campaigns. During the launch week, we had a competition where the first team to sign up fully on the platform won a team outing. We also organized an online quest with daily questions, where employees could win prizes. Additionally, we launched branded T- shirts and held a competition where employees had to write a poem about their favorite city and share it on the social feed.”

Results in numbers

92 %
registration rate
75 %
active monthly users
platform visits in the last 6 months

Selecting Staffbase

During its rebranding from The Student Hotel to The Social Hub, the company decided to adopt a new communication platform. This move aimed to align internal communications with the rebranding effort to ensure employee buy-in and success.

They meticulously evaluated three vendors, ultimately choosing Staffbase for its adaptability to branding needs and user-friendly interface. Staffbase's professionalism and support further solidified its selection.


Implementation and launch

The implementation journey commenced with thorough training sessions, ensuring that stakeholders were equipped to leverage Staffbase effectively. A clear project plan facilitated a systematic rollout, focusing initially on communication and activation before progressing to information portal construction.

To drive user adoption, The Social Hub employed activation campaigns, competitions, and incentives, fostering engagement and reinforcing the platform's value. These efforts included activities such as a launch week competition for the first team to fully sign up on the platform, daily online quests with prizes, and a poetry competition encouraging employees to share their favourite city on the social feed.


Effective communication during rebranding

The Staffbase app and intranet were crucial in communicating The Social Hub's rebranding and consolidating updates on system mergers, email changes, and PR developments. Company leadership also played a pivotal role in articulating the narrative of the rebranding, kicking off the process with a company-wide meeting conducted by the board, explaining the reasons for the rebrand and celebrating the change.

This ensured clarity and alignment among employees, fostering a smooth transition and buy-in from all levels of the organization.


User-generated content

Having a platform that supported user-generated content was a significant win for The Social Hub during the rebranding. Updates and photos from hotels filled the social feed, fostering community and excitement.

Actively involving leaders in posting updates and ensuring platform visibility drove widespread participation and engagement. This strategy fostered a sense of community and showcased the enthusiasm surrounding the milestone.


Cultivating company culture and engagement

Implementing Staffbase has fostered shared ownership among team members, enhancing collaboration in sharing news and managing platform channels. It's played a pivotal role in nurturing company culture by promoting unity and connection among employees, which is crucial as the company expands globally.

Initiatives like the All Stars program significantly boosted team morale and engagement, reinforcing the platform's role as the heart of The Social Hub's culture. With a commendable 65% activity rate and a remarkable 91% registration rate, it's evident that the platform effectively fosters engagement and preserves the organization's unique culture across regions.

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If you’re considering a new communications platform, I’d say this: Staffbase is definitely the platform you need for your company. It makes the life of an internal communicator a lot easier, and it ensures that everyone in the company is on the same page. Additionally, it adds an extra layer of fun to communication and facilitates connection, especially in organizations scattered across different countries.

Nienke Starmans Culture and Engagement Manager, The Social Hub

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