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Your All-In-One, Mobile-First HR Portal

With our app, we’ve put popular HR use cases such as timesheet recording, vacation planning, and sick leave requests right into our employees’ hands. They can now access presentations and general information on various HR topics quickly and easily from anywhere. The app brings the company even closer to our employees!

Robin Dehm Head of Global HR Projects and Digitalization, E.G.O. Group

Robin Dehm E.G.O. Group

Designed to Work on Top of Your Existing Systems and Processes

Designed to Work on Top of Your Existing Systems and Processes

Payroll and Attendance-Keep Track the Easy Way

Save money and improve HR services at the same time by giving all employees direct access to your HR services.

product visuals shift plan plugin

Digital Pay Stub

Staffbase plugins can communicate with your internal systems and present app users with their current timesheet and payroll information. Data and access to company infrastructure is controlled internally, always remaining secure.

Sick Notices

Employees can upload a picture of their sick note, simplifying and speeding up the process of reporting illness. In addition, severely ill employees won’t have to go into work or to the post office to submit their paperwork.

Vacation Requests

Capture and process your employees’ holiday submissions quickly and efficiently with digital vacation request forms, simplifying processes and helping your employees with holiday planning.

Shift Schedules

Share important information such as weekly shift schedules, either with shareable forms or by integration with your existing scheduling system.

Onboarding and Empowerment-Provide Guidance and Training at Scale

From preboarding to offboarding, Staffbase gives you a simple, scalable way to enable your people to deliver their best work from day one.

Product Visual Employee directory and guides

Chats and Chatbots

Public messaging apps like WhatsApp are a risk when it comes to data security. Staffbase provides an integrated and safe 1:1 and group chat to exchange text, pictures, and videos.

Company News, Guides, and FAQs

Always keep your employees up-to-date with in-house information, guides for continuous learning at work, and answers to commonly-asked questions about their workplace.

Employee Directory

The people directory sits at the heart of the Staffbase app, helping employees find coworkers with ease and speed. Synchronize with directories including Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and other HR applications.


Provide your employees with an IC channel open to sharing and commenting on video, and you’ll be taking a giant step toward strengthening employee connections and bringing internal messages to life.

Surveys and Feedback

Take the guesswork out of your efforts to improve employee morale and engagement-making your initiatives hyper effective.

Staffbase Journeys - Personal and interactive experiences

Surveys and Feedback

Launch employee surveys for the whole organization or selected groups and gather feedback on your company’s initiatives by analyzing comments and likes.

Pulse Check

Pulse checks are short employee polls repeated at regular intervals. They’re a great way to get immediate insight into the health of a company and its workforce.

Employee Recognition

Employee recognition reinforces and rewards the outstanding outcomes that people create for your business, as well as the actions and behaviors you most want to see repeated.

Ask the Organization

Enable peer-to-peer communication in your app by creating a channel for employees to communicate and help one another and answer unresolved questions.

Employee Experience

Encourage your employees to share their stories and inspire one another to be their very best.

Product Visual Local News Social Wall and Cafeteria Menu

Social Wall

Helping employees tell their stories is a highly effective way to get important messages across to the whole company and encourage feedback and recognition.

Targeted Corporate and Local News

Creating user groups allows you to provide specific content for selected locations, business units, or teams, depending on your specific needs.

Find Experts and Cafeteria Menu

Share your daily cafeteria menu or provide your employees with a selection of nearby restaurants. It’s a simple and easy way to generate recurring employee interest.

Make It Yours

Staffbase offers fully customized employee app branding, giving you a ready-made employee app solution-a great way to encourage users to identify with their app from the moment it goes live.

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Your App Is More Than Just an HR Portal

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Internal Comms App

Engage your people with internal news, social walls, and a secure, award-winning chat platform.
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Front Door Intranet

Reach employees on all devices with a mobile app featuring tools targeted to the users who need them.

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Learn more about our Internal Communications App, Employee App and Employee Experience Intranet solutions and find out how Staffbase can help you provide a best-in-class employee experience for your diverse, disconnected and distributed workforce.

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