Staffbase Employee Communications Platform

Transform Your Internal Communications

Share information with the people who need it. Target content and interact with selected groups, and measure the results—all with one platform.

Your Fully Branded Employee Communications App

Through the app, our workflows are improved, and users can access all the data in the app while they are on the move. Targeted information is passed along simply, and staff have an easy way of entering vacation requests, notifying managers about sick leave, and viewing shift schedules without having to go directly to an office.

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Staffbase Employee App Customer Transdev

Reach Everyone
and Send Fewer Mass Emails

Staffbase Internal Comms CMS

Share Important Updates

Use the personalized news feed to publish and track internal company information, send instant notifications for important updates, and encourage reactions and feedback.

Enable Local Conversations

Connect local leaders and employees to each other and to key information, and drive engagement with peer-to-peer channels like blackboards and social walls.

Understand Your Employees

From onboarding surveys to company-wide engagement, the Staffbase interaction plugins make it easy to collect, understand, and act on employee feedback.

Offer Useful Services

Your cafeteria's daily menu; an employee phonebook; benefits information; or traffic and weather alerts—there are many ways to generate value every day for your employees.

Learn How to Reach All of Your Employees with Relevant Content

Team Chat for Your Entire Organization

Staffbase Internal Comms Chat

Chat—Ready When You Are

The Staffbase chat function offers one-to-one and group messaging. Like all other Staffbase features, chat can be unlocked individually—allowing you to pick the right features at the right time.

Group Messaging

Create chat groups with multiple users. Select users manually or use existing groups, and mute or archive chat conversations to focus on what’s important.

Rich Media and Chatbots

Exchange text, pictures, documents, and videos, and see live previews of all media files. In addition, chatbot features (including a birthday and anniversary bot) can take the chat to a whole new level of engagement.

Protect Your Information

A secure internal chat takes conversations away from WhatsApp or other outside platforms, instead keeping them where corporate information is protected.

Learn How to Customize the Chat to Your Organization's Needs

Manage Global Content with Ease

Staffbase Internal Comms Analytics

Market-Leading Content Management System

Staffbase’s web-based CMS is a unique combination of two usually incompatible characteristics—broad and powerful functionality that's nonetheless easy to use.

Create Content Everywhere

Editors love Staffbase because content can easily be created and updated on all devices. Write articles with videos and picture galleries, see previews and schedule posts, or just share a quick update while you’re on the go.

Multilingual Support

Having an international team is a reality in today's global marketplace. Our app supports content in more than 30 languages, with an interface that can be displayed in 15 languages, including Chinese.

Measure and Show Results

Staffbase analytics features include adoption rates, most-frequently read article statistics, and engagement analytics, all of which can be filtered by groups, times, and individuals.

Learn How Easy It Is to Organize and Optimize Your Content

Upgrade Your Intranet with Mobile Communication

Got a Stone-Age intranet? Staffbase is your easy first step into the future.

Staffbase Internal Comms Intranet

THE Place for Communication

Staffbase is the communication engine that drives your intranet. Embed configurable news widgets on the desktop and use branded native apps for iOS and Android.

SharePoint? Yes.

Use the Staffbase News Web Part to embed a fully personalized news stream into your SharePoint 2013 or 2016. Comment, like, view analytics, and create content right from within the Web Part.

The Missing Link of Office 365

Office 365 is great for team collaboration but it’s not an option for company-wide communication. Staffbase is your organization’s communication hub for office, non-desk, and frontline employees.

Single Sign-On

Staffbase supports a seamless user experience for your intranet audience. Employees are automatically authenticated using Single Sign-On (SSO) and only see their personalized Staffbase content.

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