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Reach employees at their desks, in the field, or working from home, faster and easier than ever

Not just any app - a platform your people will recognize and trust

100% your brand

Your employee app is fully branded inside and out to match your corporate identity - from the app name and logo all the way to colors, icons, and fonts.

Quick and convenient download

Employees can download your app directly from the app stores they’re already using! Our 100% success rate for delivery to public app stores ensures your app will be in employees' hands quickly.

The path to a mobile app for employees is shorter than you think

Staffbase App Distribution infographic: Kickoff, design and content, app store, reach and engage

An employee app covers every kind of company communication

Staffbase Employee App mobile startscreen

Your one-stop shop

From corporate updates to local news and information, an employee app brings all your communications together seamlessly. A personalized news feed ensures people always see the content that matters to them first.

Staffbase Employee App Social Wall with Employee Article view including comments, likes and auto-translation

Get the conversation started!

Employees can react to news, ask questions, and connect with each other right in the app - even if they don’t speak the same language! Social walls bring people together to share, connect, and take part in company culture.

Staffbase Employee App with Employee Survey questions

Quick, relevant check-ins to help you improve

With quick pulse surveys, employees can give direct, anonymous feedback about their work experiences at anytime. Set up one-time surveys or schedule frequent check-ins for larger initiatives and ongoing feedback loops.

We want everyone, from Brazil to China, to know what‘s happening at our headquarters in Vienna, and vice versa. Communication in a company of our size must be global and interactive. Our app allows us and our employees to make news and information available conveniently with our smartphones, anytime and anywhere.”

Katharina Skarabela - Team Lead Digital & Online, RHI Magnesita

Staffbase Employee App Desktop Startpage with Main navigation, Newsstage, News Cards Shortlinks

An employee app that works on any channel

Whether mobile, desktop, or email, your employee app reaches people on the channels they check most. And the look and feel? It’s great no matter the device.

“User experience is excellent . . . a consistently good experience across mobile and desktop also means employees would be comfortable moving between one form of access and the other.”

- Employee Apps Report 2020, Clearbox Consulting

A CMS that has admins and editors saying, “Well, that was easy.”

Staffbase Experience Studio Article Editor with Options like Commenting and Liking highlighted

More wow factor.
Less time and effort.

Easily design engaging company news, including multimedia and documents. Create versions of your content in multiple languages with just a click.
Have an overview of all your news and manage individual posts from your personalized content dashboard. Set and adjust settings in a snap. It only takes a swipe to schedule posts, request acknowledgements, or add content creators.
Target notifications per push or email to reach employees where they are. See who’s seen your update and alert employees to content they missed the first time without spamming others.

All your insights

Get the numbers you need to back up your success. Stats for both individual content pieces and platform-wide user and engagement data are all visible in one sleek dashboard.
Want to understand engagement across departments, locations, or audiences? Break down reports with smart filtering options and ensure your content is resonating with every employee group.
Staffbase Clearbox Employee App Choice 2021 with Nurse on mobile phone

Don’t just get any app.
Invest in the best.

Staffbase: The leading employee app worldwide

Learn more about what sets Staffbase apart and find out why Clearbox Consulting ranks Staffbase as the top employee app for internal communication teams globally.

All of the information and resources your employees need. At their fingertips.

Staffbase Employee Handbook Page including HR Info and Services, Safety Guidelines, Internal Job Board, Training Modules and Employee FAQs

The hub for must-know info and resources

Make guidelines, safety information, and trainings easy to find and use from anywhere. Pages put a face to company initiatives, departments, and products, and put a stop to workers wondering, “Where do I go to find that?"

Staffbase Employee Directory

Get connected and stay in touch from anywhere

Connect disconnected departments, shifts, or service teams to their coworkers and make it simple to get in touch with anyone organization-wide. Sync with your existing HR services, like Azure Active Directory, and keep your directory up-to-date without extra work.

Staffbase employee app mobile phone with shift plan

Essential services that are actually easy to use

Increase productivity, streamline processes, and make everyday HR, service, or operational requests simple. Your app gives employees one touchpoint to essential tools and can integrate with the software your company already uses, like SAP and Workday.

Staffbase Employee App Phone in backpocket

Want practical examples from other comms professionals?

Employee App: 8 steps for finding the best

Answer all of your pressing questions about employee apps and see examples of successful projects from more than 400 other internal communication experts.

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