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    What is an employee communication app?

    An employee communication app is an internal communication tool that connects your workforce on mobile devices, facilitating smooth and effective communication across your organization. It provides real-time chat, information sharing, updates, and cooperation among employees — no matter if they’re in-office, in the field, remote, or hybrid. A mobile app is an essential part of a digital-first internal communications strategy. It can improve employee engagement, connect employees to your internal comms, and help foster a sense of community.

4 reasons your company needs an app for employee communication


Enhanced Connectivity

An employee communication app acts as a digital bridge, uniting your workforce regardless of their geographical locations. Real-time messaging, group chats, messaging apps, and social walls facilitate instant interaction, ensuring that every team member stays in the loop.


Amplified Productivity

Streamlined communication leads to heightened efficiency. With a mobile app, quick access to a knowledge base, important updates, company news, and relevant resources becomes effortless. This empowers employees to make informed decisions and complete their work in a timely way.


Empowered Collaboration

Overcome communication barriers and collaborate easily with a mobile app. An app for employee communication encourages open dialogue, facilitates idea sharing, and allows teams to collaborate seamlessly.


Cultivated Company Culture

A shared digital space strengthens your company's culture. Through multimedia-rich content, personalized experiences, and engagement features like surveys and forms, an internal communication app nurtures a sense of belonging, aligning employees with your organization's values and goals.


Reaching a 70% non-desk workforce with SAK Construction

“The app has been a great success when it comes to streamlining communication across the company. Now, we can easily spread targeted, relevant information instead of using large mailer blasts."

Key benefits of employee communication apps

Top-down communication
Steer your organization in the right direction with communication that reaches everyone. From corporate updates to local news, and from ongoing campaigns to crisis communication, an employee app is the one place for news for all your employees.
Engage all employees
Fostering an open culture for peer-to-peer connection and engagement across your organization is important for organizational health and success. With an internal communication app, you can ensure that employees have strong peer-to-peer connections, access to topics and communities they are passionate about, and an easy way to engage no matter where they work.
Provide centralized access to information
Today’s employees require tools and resources to work efficiently, but especially for frontline workers, a lack of access to key information impacts productivity and job satisfaction. An employee communication app can centralize access to resources like policies and procedures, files and tools, and employee self-services, eliminating hassle and increasing efficiency for all employees.
Motivate employees with recognition
Creating a positive atmosphere where employees feel valued and recognized is critical. It promotes unity, productivity, and a positive sense of well-being and belonging. An app for employee communication reinforces that culture of recognition, boosting morale and fostering a true sense of community.
Amplify employee voice
Employee voice fuels trust and innovation in an organization and is a key aspect younger generations look for in a workplace. With an employee communication app, you can empower employees to share their perspectives, check the company pulse with surveys, and get feedback that helps you create and apply on organizational strategies.

Reach, engage and connect with Staffbase’s employee communication app

Staffbase’s leading employee app helps you reach your staff, no matter where they’re located. It provides one central place for communication, engagement, and services.


Engage and empower all employees

Foster vibrant employee communities by creating user groups that enable seamless interaction. Post updates, react with Celebrate or Support emojis, comment, and utilize hashtags and @mentions for effective communication. Encourage a sense of unity and engagement throughout the organization with the employee communication app.
Unify your workforce through secure and convenient communication channels in your company app. Engage in one-on-one, group, or managed user group conversations using our integrated chat tool. Deskless workers benefit from voice messages, enhancing quick and clear communication whether in the office or on the frontlines.
Unleash the power of data-driven decision-making with surveys and forms. Monitor the evolution of your Net Promoter Scores (NPS) over time and align feedback mechanisms and communication strategies seamlessly.

Send push notifications for new surveys through the employee communication app. Gather employee feedback efficiently and streamline workflows with intuitive forms. Collect insights quickly, enable fast HR and IT requests, and drive overall efficiencies.

Provide personalized experiences

Staffbase's guided journeys automatically curate content for significant employee milestones, such as onboarding, role transitions, and change communication. This proactive approach ensures effective preboarding, seamless onboarding, and thoughtful offboarding, fostering a culture of communication and unity within the organization.
Provide a personalized communication experience by tailoring news and information to each employee's needs. Customize everything in the communication app, from news updates to menu layouts. By targeting relevant content to specific employee groups, you can significantly increase readership and engagement, creating a more connected and informed workforce.
Staffbase's translation feature boosts employee communication and collaboration across different languages. Offering automated translation in over 110 languages, it removes language barriers, promotes inclusivity, and improves global communication within your organization.

Access to information and services

Streamline operations by offering employees a central hub for essential resources, documents, and files. This approach eliminates the hassle of searching through multiple systems, ensuring efficient information retrieval that optimizes workflows and boosts overall productivity. Elevate efficiency and productivity with a user-friendly launchpad providing swift access to essential tools and third-party systems.
Boost user adoption by streamlining access to tools like the cafeteria menu, employee directory, personalized profiles, and event calendars. Strengthen collaboration, networking, and belonging through the employee directory, which facilitates connections across the organization. Simplify event planning and participation by creating event calendars or syncing with tools like Outlook.
Use Staffbase Integration Builder's low-code, no-code approach to create a comprehensive HR hub. Simplify HR tasks like absence requests, shift planning, and payslip distribution. Integrate easily with popular HRIS systems like ADP, Workday, SAP, and Oracle to provide HR self-services directly to your employees.

Admin just got easier with Staffbase’s internal communication app


Intuitive setup for effortless collaboration among admins and editors

The employee communication app is easy for admins and editors to set up, whether they are technical or not. Collaborate smoothly on strategic communications using shared editorial calendars and collaborative editing workflows. This teamwork empowers internal communications staff, boosts engagement, and breaks down communication silos.


Elevate content quality and workflow efficiency with AI-powered assistance

Enterprise-ready AI features are seamlessly integrated into the employee communication app. Boost administrative workflows with AI tools that overcome writer's block, enhance readability, and create impactful titles and teasers. Increase productivity and efficiency using our Microsoft-hosted AI solution.

Smart Insights: Easy set-up, powerful learnings

Actionable insights for informed decision-making

Empower your internal comms strategy with our app’s Analytics tools. Utilize actionable insights to fine-tune communication strategies, make informed decisions backed by data-driven insights, and evaluate communication effectiveness and employee engagement. You can also elevate multichannel approaches with thorough statistical analysis, identifying effective channels and optimizing communication methods. Track interaction, content consumption, and survey responses to unveil trends and enhance engagement areas for a cohesive employee experience.


The Best Mobile Apps for Employee Experience on the Market

Download the report to read an independent analysis of the Staffbase Employee App, including product highlights and key benefits compared to the rest. See how Staffbase can support key communications scenarios for you and your business.

5 reasons enterprises love the Staffbase Employee Communications App


Tailored customization

Enhance your internal communications app with Staffbase's extensive API and SDK toolkit. Customize your communication hub using over 150 developed services, giving you the tools to tailor your employee communication app for success.

Simplified download process

Eliminate adoption barriers with a reputable mobile app that reflects your brand. Easily accessible via public app stores, it maximizes user engagement and ROI. With an impeccable 100% delivery success rate, the mobile app ensures a seamless authentication and sign-on process. This cross-platform availability simplifies the download process for all users.

Branded trust and recognition

Keep your communication app's visual elements consistent — colors, fonts, name, and icons. This unified branding builds familiarity and trust, making the app easy to adopt. The user-friendly design and recognizable branding boost employee confidence and engagement with mobile app content, helping you achieve your internal communication goals.


Security certification

At Staffbase, safeguarding your employee app is our top priority. We focus on security and compliance to protect your company's sensitive information. With ISO 27001 security certification and GDPR compliance, you can trust the safety of your data. Our platform also ensures controlled access to files, allowing secure retrieval from repositories such as SharePoint and Google Drive. Your data security is assured with us.

Translation in 110 languages

Today’s workforce is global. That's why we've made it simple for you to enhance your employee communication using the app's translation features. This powerful tool transcends language barriers, offering automated translation services in over 110 languages. Embrace enhanced global communication as you effortlessly bridge language gaps and promote a culture of inclusivity.

How your staff can set up the employee communication app in 5 easy steps:


Visit an App Store

pen your preferred app store — Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Search and Select

Look up your company's app name or search for "Staffbase Employee App." Once found, select the app.

Install and Open

Install the app and open it on your device.

Sign In

Navigate to the Sign-In tab and use your credentials to log in.

User Profile

Complete the employee profile with relevant information.

FAQs about employee communication apps

An employee communication app is a digital platform that helps organizations share information and communicate effortlessly on mobile devices. It allows employees to connect, collaborate, and stay updated through features like instant messaging, news updates, social walls, and more, all on your branded mobile app.
Employee communication apps enhance internal communication, boost engagement, improve transparency, and streamline workflows. They provide a centralized platform for sharing information, announcements, and updates, fostering a more connected and informed workforce.
Important features include instant messaging, news updates, social walls for employee interactions, sharing multimedia, delivering personalized content, survey and feedback tools, and analytics to evaluate communication performance.
Absolutely. The Staffbase employee communication app places a high priority on data security. It incorporates encryption protocols, secure sign-in processes, and adheres to industry standards, all designed to safeguard sensitive information. For further details on security features, explore the Security section on Staffbase.
Many employee communication apps offer integrations with various tools and platforms, such as HR systems, calendars, and document repositories, to ensure seamless connectivity and data exchange. Learn more about integrations at Staffbase.
Yes, the majority of contemporary apps are tailored to mobile devices, enabling employees to conveniently access communication, updates, and collaborative functionalities while on the go.
Internal communication apps foster engagement by providing a platform for open dialogue, recognition, and interaction. They also ensure timely and relevant information delivery, enhancing employees' sense of belonging and involvement.
Employee communication apps offer significant advantages to frontline workers and teams operating in remote or dispersed setups. They effectively bridge geographical distances, facilitating smooth communication and fostering connectivity among employees, regardless of their physical location.

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