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What is an employee communication platform?

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An employee communication platform is a digital tool or software designed to facilitate communication and connectivity within an organization. These platforms are used to streamline and enhance internal communication among employees, teams, and departments. The goal is to improve the flow of information, boost engagement, and foster a more connected and informed workforce.

Employee communication platforms offer a range of channels and features that support various communication needs within a company. These platforms play a crucial role in fostering an engaged and communicative workplace culture, especially in large organizations with remote or distributed teams.

Why your company needs an employee communication platform

Large enterprise companies often face unique communication challenges due to their size, complexity, and the diverse nature of their workforce. Here’s a sampling of how implementing an employee communication software can address these challenges and enhance employee engagement and collaboration:


Consistent Information Sharing

Large organizations often deal with a high volume of information, updates, and announcements. An employee communication platform provides a centralized and consistent channel for sharing important news, policies, and organizational changes. This helps ensure that all employees receive the same information, reducing the risk of misunderstandings or misinformation.


Mobile Accessibility

In a large enterprise, employees may be on the move or working remotely. A communication platform with mobile accessibility ensures that employees can stay connected and informed even when they are not at their desks, contributing to a more flexible and agile work environment.


Employee Engagement and Connection

Maintaining a sense of community and connection is crucial in distributed companies. Employee communication platforms offer features like social channels, employee directories, and virtual water cooler spaces, allowing employees to connect on a personal level, share experiences, and build a stronger sense of belonging.



As companies grow in size and complexity, the need for scalable communication tools becomes more pronounced. Employee communication platforms can adapt to the changing needs of a large and expanding workforce.

Staffbase's leading employee communications platform

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Benefits of an employee communication platform

By offering a focused, centralized, and user-friendly space for communication, employee communication platforms contribute to simplicity and clarity, allowing employees to engage in effective and streamlined communication without the noise associated with a multitude of productivity tools.


A Centralized Hub for Information

Employee communication platforms serve as a centralized hub for all internal communications. Instead of scattering information across multiple tools and channels, everything from announcements to project updates is consolidated in one place. This centralization reduces confusion and makes it easier for employees to find the information they need.


Streamlined, Personalized Communication Channels

These platforms often offer different channels or groups for specific purposes, such as strategy discussions, general announcements, or departmental updates. By organizing communication in this way, employees can focus on the channels most relevant to their roles, avoiding unnecessary distractions.


Separation from Productivity Tools

While productivity tools such as project management software and document collaboration tools are essential for getting work done, they can sometimes create information overload. An employee communication platform separates general communication from the specific tools used for task management, document collaboration, and other productivity-related activities. This division helps employees focus on clear communication without being overwhelmed by the operational details of their tasks.


A User-Friendly Interface

Employee communication platforms are designed with user experience in mind. They typically offer intuitive interfaces that are easy to navigate, reducing the learning curve for employees and ensuring that the platform serves as an accessible and straightforward communication tool.


Time-Saving Search and Reference Capabilities

These platforms often come equipped with robust, federated search functionalities, making it easy for employees to find past discussions, announcements, or documents. This benefit enhances clarity by allowing users to reference information and maintain context without sifting through multiple tools or email threads.


Tailored Branding and Messaging

Centralized communication platforms provide an opportunity for organizations to maintain consistent branding and messaging. This consistency contributes to clarity in internal communications, aligning employees with the company's values, goals, and mission.

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For me, it's been life-changing. You can’t compare the way we communicated before — with static, boring emails — with how we are doing it today, with interactivity.

How to choose the right employee communication platform

Understand Your Business Communication Needs
Take a moment to figure out what your team really needs. How are your employees currently communicating and staying in the loop? Are there any pain points or bottlenecks causing frustration? What communication goals do you have in mind? Taking stock of these factors will guide you in making a smart decision and finding a platform that truly fits your organization.
Check Out Your Current Comms Methods
Take a closer look at how your team communicates right now. Are you juggling multiple tools and platforms, causing a bit of information chaos? Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current setup to pinpoint any gaps that need fixing.
Define Your Communication Goals
Now that you've got the lay of the land, it's time to set your communication goals. What are you aiming to achieve with an employee communication platform? Is it all about boosting internal communication, ramping up employee engagement, or maybe a bit of both? Clearly outlining your objectives will be your North Star as you navigate through the decision-making process and find a platform that ticks all your boxes.
Explore Your Platform Options
Ready to dive into the options? Research and compare different employee communication platforms on the market. Check out reviews, case studies, and maybe even schedule a few demos to get a feel for user experience and functionality. Consider things like ease of use, scalability, and customer support. Also, pay attention to integration possibilities—how well does the platform play with your current software stack?
Consider Security and Compliance
Security is crucial, so make sure the platform aligns with your organization's security and compliance standards. Evaluate the measures in place to protect sensitive information and ensure that the platform complies with industry regulations. Your peace of mind and the safety of your data depend on it.
Make Your Final Decision: Balancing Price and Value
Yes, cost matters, but don’t make it your sole deciding factor. Think about the overall value a platform brings to your organization. Consider the long-term benefits, ROI, and how it'll shake up your communication game and employee engagement. Keep in mind, choosing the right employee communication platform is an investment in your organization's success.

Why Staffbase Platform?

Eight reasons leading enterprises work with Staffbase

With Staffbase, your employees always have the information they need at their fingertips. Our employee communications platform runs on all mobile devices, with multi-channel reach that connects everyone in your company. For desktop workers, we offer flexibility with our web application featuring the same great functionality as mobile.
No matter if your employees work in an office, are on the road, or on the other side of the world, your employee communications platform is there. With Staffbase, you can integrate, engage, and communicate with all of your employees quickly and easily, on a unified platform.
Our employee communications platform is developed and designed with your accessibility and intuitive user experience in mind. Easily broadcast and manage content with our straightforward publishing system. The analytics dashboard makes measuring your entire communications strategy a snap.
You don’t get just a platform. You get your platform! Everything from color and icon selection to the name of your platform is personalized to your specifications. Drive engagement and advocacy with a piece of company culture that your employees will actually use.
Staffbase for editors and admins
Transforming your internal communication strategy can be a long journey. But don’t worry: From day one to launch, we are by your side. After a successful rollout, our customer support stays by your side, ensuring your platform continues to work best for you.
You don’t have to abandon all your trusted tools. With Staffbase, you can integrate the software your organization relies on, like SAP, Office 365, and SharePoint. Let us be the front door to your digital workplace, with an app that grows with your business.
Staffbase employee communication software ensures you send the right message at the right time. Your team can set up a content path for employees based on many different employee experiences. Go beyond audience targeting and automatically send content in moments that matter, including onboarding & reboarding, job role changes, location changes, personal learning paths, and change communication with Staffbase Journeys.
Staffbase Companion is an AI-based personal assistant designed specifically for communicators. Power up your communications with great style and structure. Write summaries in seconds. Create jazzier titles and teasers, and even get a cure for writer's block! Staffbase Companion is enterprise-ready AI, hosted by Microsoft.
Gartner insights

Staffbase has quickly become the cornerstone to employee engagement at our company.

Fantastic product with great acceptance by the employees. Easy to use and maintain.

Bridging simplicity and customization for seamless digital connections.

Very good customer experience with a highly motivated and customer-centric team.

FAQs about employee communication platform

Yes, the Staffbase employee app is the cornerstone of the Staffbase employee communications platform. The app provides company news, information and resources, and easy access to the tools and services employees use — providing them with everything they need directly on their mobile devices.
Employee communication platforms allow employees to connect on a personal level, share experiences, and build a stronger sense of belonging. Features for recognizing and celebrating employee achievements foster a positive work environment, boost morale, and enhance employee engagement, all of which contribute to increased productivity.
Yes. Our employee communications software is developed and designed with your accessibility and intuitive user experience in mind. Easily create, broadcast, and manage content with our straightforward publishing system.
An employee communication platform improves the employee experience by creating a streamlined and accessible channel for receiving important information, updates, and company news. Moreover, it empowers employees with self-service features, promoting autonomy while easing the workload of HR, all contributing to a more positive and engaging work environment.
As companies grow in size and complexity, the need for scalable communication tools becomes more pronounced. Employee communication platforms are designed to adapt to the changing needs of a large and expanding workforce.
The Staffbase employee communication platform is fully customizable in terms of its branding, features, and functionality. You can find many of our customization options here. Or you can book a demo. We'd be happy to answer any and all of your questions.
Staffbase is guaranteed secure from day one. ISO 27001 certification and GDPR compliance are just two examples of the enterprise-grade security measures we take to make sure your company data remains safe.

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