The only intranet solution that works for all your employees

Employee Experience Intranet Accessible

Accessible for everyone

Interactive communication for everyone, for the first time.

Employee Experience Intranet Everything in one place

Everything in one place

One place where employees can find everything important.

Employee Experience Intranet Branded

Made for me!

The more personal, the more relevant, the more meaningful.

Employee Experience Intranet Mobile First

It’s time for a solution for everyone - mobile first or bust!

Staffbase makes your company intranet accessible on the go with a mobile app. Today, even office workers expect to find everything they need on their phones. Staffbase allows employees to download your company intranet app directly from the app stores onto their phones. Using the company intranet is just as easy as checking the weather or answering a text.

Employee Experience Intranet Mobile First

Mobile first doesn’t make desktop less of a power player

Everything your employees need, with one click. News, current campaigns, tools and services, and personal links to all their important tools. Give your employees a place to start their day and give your company a home base that looks great.

Employee Experience Intranet individual content

Tailored to each individual employee, from content to menu

One size no longer fits all when it comes to your intranet. For today’s modern workforce, if it’s not personalized, it’s not useful. Beyond targeted news, our solution can be tailored to each employee, right down to the menu buttons.

Staffbase and Ragan Whitepaper Manufacturing

Why make your intranet for everyone?

9 Reasons To Engage Your Forgotten Non-Desk Workforce In 2020

Retaining disparate employees is harder than ever. Making sure each one of your employees feels at home at your company is key to fighting high turnover. In this guide you're learn why and how you can start building two-way communication with your non-desk workforce to start winning in the war for talent.

Staffbase dashboard article overview with channels and Menu items

Easy to learn and manage for administrators and editors

Gone are the days of technical snags keeping you from making great intranet content. Create high-quality pages in a snap, no code necessary. Easily add multiple local editors and get them posting in no time.

Employee Experience Intranet Mobile resources access

Your workplace in your pocket, connected to everything

Scattered apps and resources make for a confusing employee experience. Give your employees everything they need, at their fingertips. With the EEX intranet, employees can access all the tools and services they need everywhere, and on any device.

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Make content relevant and easy to find for your people

  • Employee Experience Intranet Smart navigation

    SMART navigation

    Save employees time with personalized navigation and menus that ensure they have no trouble finding the content that is most relevant for them.

  • Staffbase Employee Experience Intranet Search

    Live search

    Give employees access to all of the information they want by letting them search all open content in the intranet, and use filters to quickly sort results.

Create high-quality pages without code

Page layouts
Create the best page structure for your content by choosing from a variety of layout options.
Design tools
Easily make user-friendly pages for all of your company information with built-in design elements.
Audience specification
Customize your pages for desktop or mobile by turning design elements on or off based on device.
Staffbase Employee Experience Intranet Dynamic Pages with Widgets

Ready to take take your content to the next level?

Measure your impact

Get data-driven reports on employee activity and engagement and prove your communication’s impact using one sleek dashboard.

Staffbase Employee Experience Intranet Analytics Dashboard

Connect your people to each other and your company

  • Employee Experience Intranet People


    Give employees an easy way to find their colleagues based on name, department, skills, and more using the people directory with customizable user profiles.

  • Staffbase Employee Experience Intranet Form survey and results


    Gather information easily and give your employees opportunities for direct feedback. Build, publish, and analyze surveys and forms with a variety of fields.

Like the sound of one platform for all your employees?