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Desk or non-desk? Every worker is mobile.


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The only intranet that comes with end-to-end branding, right down to your own mobile app.

Using the company intranet should be as easy as checking the weather or answering a text. With Staffbase, your employees download your company intranet app directly from the app stores onto their phones.

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A vibrant, new homebase every employee will love...right this way.

Everything your employees need, with one click. News, current campaigns, tools and services, and personal links to all their important tools. Give your desk employees a place to start their day, and give your company a home base that looks great.

“For everyone” doesn’t mean one size fits all.


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Make personalization your intranet superpower.

For today’s modern workforce, if it’s not personalized, it’s not useful. Beyond targeted news, with Staffbase, your intranet can be tailored to each employee, right down to the menu buttons. More relevance, less complexity.

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Journeys: For the moments that matter.

Outstanding employee experience doesn’t just happen, it’s built. From the moment employees start onboarding, Staffbase Journeys lets you deliver personalized information, exactly when they need it, and directly in your employees experience intranet.

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Easy to set up and launch, with the fastest time-to-value you’ve ever seen.

Intranet relaunches can be cumbersome. Don’t get stuck waiting months to see results. Every Staffbase intranet comes with a built-in, fast-to-launch employee app, so you can start improving your employee experience immediately.

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Why make your intranet for everyone?

9 Reasons To Engage Your Forgotten Non-Desk Workforce In 2020

Retaining disparate employees is harder than ever. Making sure each one of your employees feels at home at your company is key to fighting high turnover. In this guide you're learn why and how you can start building two-way communication with your non-desk workforce to start winning in the war for talent.

All channels, all audiences, in one place.


Staffbase Dynamic Pages – design elements can be easily swapped-in-or-out

Content management even intranet haters will love.

Staffbase comes with a built-in CMS that makes it easy to reach everyone from one place. Tried-and-true by thousands of communications teams, it’s perfect for distributing targeted intranet content to even global audiences.

Audience-specific pages that are, dare we say it, fun to create.

Page layouts
Create the best page structure for your content by choosing from a variety of layout options.
Design tools
Easily make user-friendly pages for all of your company information with built-in design elements.
Audience specification
Customize your pages for desktop or mobile by turning design elements on or off based on device.
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Wall-to-wall analytics to prove your work matters.

It’s time to start measuring your impact! Get data-driven reports on employee activity and engagement and prove your intranets impact using one sleek dashboard.

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Help every employee find what matters to them most.


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SMART Navigation

Save employees time with personalized navigation and menus that ensure they have no trouble finding the content that is most relevant for them.

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Live Search

Give employees access to all of the information they want by letting them search all open content in the Suite, and use filters to quickly sort results.

A connected digital workplace that offers every employee value.


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Connect your workplace tools for a seamless employee experience.

No more scattered apps and resources. Give your employees everything they need, at their fingertips. With Staffbase, you can easily integrate existing tools and services to reduce your IT footprint.

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Plug and play for your workforce’s perfect fit.

Add the microservices your employees need most with a click, or use the Staffbase API to extend with your own custom tools and services.

Choose the best employee communication platform for your business.

Learn more about our Internal Communications App and Employee App solutions and find out how Staffbase can help you provide a best-in-class employee experience for your diverse, disconnected and distributed workforce.