Engage your entire workforce with personalized, relevant experiences that ignite passion and fulfill purpose — no matter where your people work.

A Single Place to Go for a Wide Range of Tools and Services


Efficiently distribute your corporate newsletter with a mobile, digital platform for company-wide news, targeted or localized messages, or crisis management bulletins.

Peer-to-Peer Communication

Transcend corporate hierarchies, encourage communal interaction and sharing, and promote secure, customizable group chats—boosting employee engagement and making work more social in the process.


Documents and forms, Employee Self Services which integrate into your existing HR systems, onboarding tools, employee directories, schedule and shift planners, maps, cafeteria menus, and more. Make these materials accessible and easy to use by putting them all in one place.

Engagement & Recognition

Make it easy for workforces to recognize and acknowledge one another's accomplishments, rewarding them for work well done. Such direct encouragement will generate relationships of trust, loyalty, and teamwork.


Make onboarding easier by taking it mobile. Checklists, employee guidelines, directories, and benefits information will help break in your rookies, immediately allowing them to feel like part of your team.


Expert information is just a click away, no matter where you are, while targeted training videos and instructional content will provide guidance to workers at all levels of experience.

Feedback & Surveys

Get employee feedback and put it to immediate use with daily “mood” polling or periodic questionnaires. If your people are happy, chances are your customers will be, too.

We’ve been studying LinkedIn to track the Employee Experience Revolution. Here’s what we’ve found.

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Employee Engagement vs. Employee Experience: A Comparative Study

Is Employee Experience the Future of Human Resources?

Staffbase Testimonial Carla Kath – Franciscan Children’s

“We finally have a platform that meets all of our needs, and we've found a great team to work with us and help us grow.“

Carla Kath - Franciscan Children's Hospital

Companies Worldwide Improve the Employee Experience with Staffbase

Staffbase Employee App Customer Brinks
Staffbase Employee App Customer Audi Brussels
Staffbase Employee App Customer Daimler
Employee communications app built for Adidas Group
Staffbase Employee App Customer RHI Magnesita
Staffbase Employee App for Deutsche Telekom

Customize Your Experience

  • Employee Experience Mobile Intranet Platform App – User Friendly

    Combine Your Channels

    Your app is the window into your organization. With a customized start page, you can provide your employees with all the tools they need, putting them right at their fingertips.

    Plus IconExplore the full potential of your app.
  • Finance API Illu Plugins Staffbase

    Be Flexible

    Based on the Staffbase API, your developers can create their own plugins in addition to our preexisting set. Built-in flexibility allows you to decide which use cases work best for your employees and which ones you don't need.

    Plus IconLearn how to extend your app with individual plugins.
  • Staffbase Product Illustration

    Create an Engaging Culture

    Drive teamwork, celebrate milestones, and engage your workforce with a culture that will grow naturally from the increased interaction provided by your employee experience platform.

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