Turn employees into fans

Share persona-driven news
Send relevant corporate news in the language of your audience, and local news that’s targeted at the issues that matter most to your employees.
Staffbase Employee Experience Platform - local news
Tell authentic stories
Broadcast leadership comms or hold town hall meetings; get valuable feedback with surveys and comments; and champion your purpose, values, and mission.
Staffbase Employee Experience Platform - authentic stories
Get personal
Understand your employees on a personal level throughout the employee journey and let them know that they’re an important part of a team.
Staffbase Employee Experience Platform - employee journey

Build connections and create belonging

Grow communities
Social walls let people engage with their company and with one another-the regional office, the factory floor, the retail store-wherever they work.
Staffbase Employee Experience Platform - social walls
Create connections
Transcend corporate hierarchies, encourage interaction and sharing, and promote secure, customizable group chats-boosting employee engagement and transforming your people into loyal ambassadors.
Staffbase Employee Experience Platform - group chat
Encourage feedback
Unfiltered, anonymous surveys will reveal what your people feel and think, while pulse checks will provide immediate insight into the state of your workforce.
Staffbase Employee Experience Platform - survey

Connect the dots for your employees so they don’t have to

Create relevant experiences
The employee journey features engaging touchpoints, not browser tabs. Engage your entire workforce with personalized, practical experiences that ignite passion and fulfill purpose.
Staffbase Employee Experience Platform - chat
Drive legacy system usage
Don’t waste resources training your employees to use legacy software. Motivate them to finish the job by offering a consumer-grade experience through a single point of access for company software.
Staffbase Employee Experience Platform - launchpad
Save valuable time
Access context-based information quickly via search, and provide easy-to-use help desk ticketing, useful onboarding assets, employee self-services, handbooks, FAQs, corporate policies, and more.
Staffbase Employee Experience Platform - search

Empower people with the right information at the right time

Provide more than an intranet
Set your people up for success by making it easy for them to access the information they need to do their jobs. Empowering employee excellence by sharing timely and relevant knowledge critical to their roles will drive company success.
Staffbase Employee Experience Platform - Push
Let people find one another
Org charts, team overviews, personalized project status reports, your company directory, and an organizational Who’s Who. Everything you need to help your people find the people who can help them be their best.
Staffbase Employee Experience Platform - Contacs
Offer help when people need it
Sharing information immediately is crucial in times of crisis. “Mark as Safe” check-ins, Push Notifications and emergency alerts, and an acknowledgment function can contain or even prevent accidents before they happen.
Staffbase Employee Experience Platform - Acknowledge

The toolset for really taking care of your employees is Employee Experience management, and 90 percent of CEOs will give a mandate to the HR function to set it up.

Volker Jakobs Leader in the human-centered future of work

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