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Success begins and ends with people, and your employees demand an experience that inspires them to do great things. In order to get the talent you require, you need to take an employee-centric approach to HR, Services, and Communication. Staffbase is your own branded employee experience platform, accompanying your workforce at every touch point through the employee life cycle.


Don’t just talk down to your employees, encourage and support open dialogues with sharing and social interactions, employee-created content, and secure, customizable group chats.

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Product Screen Communication Staffbase Platform


Documents, contact information, links, maps, SharePoint integrations, user directories, and menu plans—to be at their best, your employees demand top-notch information and the most useful tools available. Make these materials accessible and easy to find by combining their access points in one central portal: a window to work.

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Engagement & Recognition

Recognize the importance of your employees, show them that their efforts are appreciated, and build relationships of trust and loyalty by acknowledging exceptional performances—engagement will grow and strengthen.

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Product Screen Engagement Staffbase Platform

Onboarding & Learning

Involve your employees from day one, and make onboarding easy by taking it mobile. Checklists, contact information, and benefits information will help you to break in your rookies, and videos and instructional content will also be of use to your experienced workers.


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Product Screen Onboarding Staffbase Platform

Feedback & Surveys

The opinions of your employees matter. Get their feedback and, more importantly, put it to use with daily “mood” polling or monthly questionnaires. If your staff is happy, customers will follow.

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Product Screen Feedback Staffbase Platform

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Is Employee Experience the Future of Human Resources?

Staffbase Testimonial Carla Kath – Franciscan Children’s

“We finally have a platform that meets all of our needs, and we've found a great team to work with us and help us grow.“

Carla Kath - Franciscan Children's Hospital

Companies Worldwide Already Engage Their Employees with Staffbase

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Drive Change with our Expertise

  • Product Screen Startpage Staffbase Employee Experience Platform

    Combine your channels

    Your app is the window into your organization. With a customized start page, you can provide your employees with all the tools they need, and put them right at their fingertips.

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  • Finance API Illu Plugins Staffbase

    Be flexible

    Based on the Staffbase API, your developers are free to create their own plugins in addition to our preexisting set. Built-in flexibility allows you to decide which use cases work for your employees and which ones you’d like to turn off.

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    Create an Engaging Culture

    Drive teamwork, celebrate milestones, and engage your workforce with a culture that will grow naturally from the increased interaction provided by your employee experience platform.

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