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Send emails employees will actually read

Staffbase Email Create


Collaborate with your team in real time to build engaging, on-brand employee emails.
Staffbase Email Target


Easily target your emails to the right employees and reduce email overload with tailored communications.
Staffbase Email Measure


Find out what’s working, make data-driven decisions, and validate the impact of your email strategy.

Connect to the tools your organization already uses

Tools to connect with Staffbase like workday, Azure, Outlook, Gmail

Create engaging employee newsletters. No design experience needed.

Staffbase Email Newsletter Designer

Drag and drop your way to better employee newsletters

Save time with a set of professionally-designed employee newsletter templates that you can use immediately or adapt to your brand. Pre-built blocks let you drag and drop any type of content into your newsletters for stylish results on every device.

Staffbase Email Newsletter Branding

Save time and build trust in your comms

From spacing and content types to fonts and colors, it's never been easier to bring your brand to life! Keep messages instantly recognizable for employees. Save and share branded newsletter templates across teams and lock down elements to cut prep time.

Staffbase Email-Designer collaboration

Stop the back-and-forth approval chains

Invite anyone at your org to view and collaborate on your employee newsletters. Track progress and changes made by your entire team live. Quickly restore previous versions of your newsletters without deleting your most recent work.

Try our employee newsletter designer now!

Test drive the most advanced drag-and-drop email newsletter designer ever built for internal communications.

Try it live

The proof of success is in the amount of positive feedback we have received internally and externally - the newsletter software has really transformed our weekly communication."

Alison Curran - Sr. Project Manager, Omnicell

Get your message out to employees without overwhelming their inboxes

Staffbase Email Newsletter Targeting mobile screen
Target employees with only the communications that are relevant to them. Fewer impersonal email blasts mean less stress and confusion for employees and more engagement with your company news.
In just a few clicks, you can create and manage lists for all your employee groups. Automatically sync with your HRIS system and never worry again if the right employees are getting your newsletters!
Employees missed your message the first time? Easily send a follow-up email to only those employees who didn't open your initial message.

We have five or six different categories of content in our company newsletter, and now we can evaluate what employees are actually reading and what’s making an impact."

Geoffrey Stuart - Marketing Coordinator, Raba Kistner Inc

Finally have the numbers to prove your impact

Staffbase email newsletter analytics

You name it, you can measure it!

From click maps and recipient tracking to trend reporting - continuously improve your employee newsletters with data-driven answers to questions like:

  • ✔ Do we send too many emails?
  • ✔ Are employees actually reading our messages?
  • ✔ Which content works for which employees?

Staffbase Embed one-click pulse surveys emojies, yes no questions and ratings

Get feedback faster with employee pulse surveys

Embed one-click pulse surveys directly in your emails to make employee emails a two-way conversation.

Ask employees about any topic, use their feedback to improve your communications, measure employee happiness and provide valuable, actionable insights to leadership.

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Bigger, better, bolder IC

Staffbase and Bananatag bring you Employee Email

Employee newsletters from Staffbase are powered by our recent merger with Bananatag. Together, we’re creating an end-to-end platform to help business leaders and comms professionals unite their companies through better internal communications.

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