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High-impact comms includes the voice of the employee

Employee experience is driven by day-to-day interactions at work. To know what's really going on and how it's impacting your communications, you need to hear from all your people regularly.

Add surveys to your communications platform to:

  • ✔ Make sure surveys reach your whole workforce
  • ✔ Promote feedback culture that makes employees feel included and appreciated
  • ✔ Get ongoing feedback and boost participation

Quick, relevant check-ins help your company get better every day

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The more you know, the more you can grow!

The value of your internal comms depends on how your employees perceive it. Use surveys to gain instant insights on your communications like:

  • ✔ Whether you’re posting too much or too little
  • ✔ If employees feel informed on important topics
  • ✔ How well your company comms meets their expectations

Home Office

Don’t wait until it’s too late to understand your company culture

Check in on how your workforce is feeling in key moments, and help management and HR understand how satisfied employees are in their day-to-day work.

Town Hall

Feedback that matters to management, here and now

Use surveys to get your management instant info on how employees perceive top initiatives. Have the results to help leadership make changes, fast.

Day-to-day feedback from your whole workforce? It's surprisingly doable.


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One place to create and manage all your surveys

The trick to making continuous surveys a scalable part of your communications strategy: Do it all in one place! Create new polls with just a few clicks and have have a clear overview of all your surveys. Schedule to send once, or on a recurring basis.

Staffbase Survey Analytics

Results at a glance

View real-time results from your surveys right in the Staffbase platform. Check participation, see average ratings, and track progress for recurring questions over time.

Use your insights to help identify influencers on employee feeling, and inform changes that will transform your business.

Top 25 employee survey questions!

Employee Surveys in 2021: Guidelines, Tips, and Examples

Get your free guide - including 25 sample questions - to all things surveys! Learn how to build feedback loops into your comms, which survey formats work best, and the smartest way to analyze feedback.


Say ‘Sayonara’ to low participation in your company survey


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Big, in-depth surveys, right in your company app

Annual company surveys are critical, but it’s not always easy for all employees to participate. Now you can build, send, and analyze detailed one-time surveys, right in your Staffbase platform!

Cover all kinds of feedback initiatives faster and smoother than before, and get maximum reach for your:

  • ✔ Annual engagement surveys
  • ✔ Change management surveys
  • ✔ Project monitoring surveys

Staffbase HR Startpage with Push message about Survey and stats

HR + Comms = Highest survey participation ever

Help HR put the annual survey on center stage by promoting it in your company app. Get the word out with push notifications and automatically resend reminders to employees. Watch app engagement rise, and toast with HR on higher participation rates.

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