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High-impact comms includes the voice of the employee.

Employee experience is driven by day to day interactions at work. Your company needs to capture the voice of employees on a regular basis, in order to understand what’s really going on and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Add quick pulse surveys to your communications platform to:

  • ✔ Promote feedback culture that makes employees feel included and appreciated
  • ✔ Get ongoing feedback and raise response rates with quick, relevant check-ins
  • ✔ Make sure surveys reach your whole workforce
  • ✔ Get insights that help you take smart action

Quick, relevant check-ins help your company get better every day.


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Find out if your communications is working for employees.

The value of your internal comms depends on how your employees perceive it. The more you know, the more you can grow. Use quick pulse surveys to gain insights on a number of topics, including:

  • ✔ Whether you’re posting too much or too little
  • ✔ If employees feel informed on important topics
  • ✔ How well your company comms meets their expectations

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Don’t wait until it’s too late to understand company culture.

Company culture happens in the day to day interactions employees have at work. The only way to understand it? Ask employees what it’s like. With quick pulse surveys, you can send regular culture check-ins. Get an impression of how your workforce is feeling in key moments, and help management and HR understand how culture feels for employees in practice.

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Feedback that matters to management, here and now.

Did employees care about that recent announcement from your CEO? Is your town hall meeting worth the effort? These topics are timely; ask about it later, and you’ll never really know. Send quick pulse surveys to get management info on how employees perceive top initiatives. Use the results to help leadership make changes, fast.

Day to day feedback from your whole workforce? Surprisingly doable.


Staffbase Survey Dashboard Overview with schedule window

One place to create and manage all your quick surveys.

The trick to make continuous surveys a scalable part of your communications strategy: Do it all in one place. In just a few clicks, create and publish surveys right from the Staffbase Experience Studio. Schedule to send one-time, or on a recurring basis. Get a clear overview of all your surveys, and track participation at a glance.

Staffbase App Feedback Dashboard with survey results

All the fancy numbers, no tedious Excel sheets required.

View real-time results from your pulse surveys right in the Staffbase platform. Track participation, check average ratings as results come in, and watch progress for recurring questions over time. Use your insights to help you identify influencers of employee feelings, as well as inform changes that will transform your business.

Say ‘Sayonara’ to low participation in your company survey.


Staffbase HR Startpage with Push message about Survey and stats

Together, HR and comms form the ultimate team to raise response rates.

For a company survey to be successful, people need to know about it. Help HR bring the annual survey to center stage by promoting it in your company app. Use push notifications to alert your workforce that it’s time to take the survey, and automatically resend the post to users who miss it. Watch your app engagement rise, and clink glasses with HR on high participation rates.

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Coming Soon:
Big, in-depth surveys, right in your company app.

Annual company surveys are critical, but there’s a problem: It’s not always easy for all employees to participate. But, there’s good news! Soon you’ll be able to build, send, and analyze detailed one-time surveys, right in the Staffbase platform. Benefit from paperless simplicity and a library of expert best-practice questions, and wow employees with a modern and intuitive design.

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Staffbase’s CEO and Founder Dr. Martin Böhringer pictured with teambay’s Founder and Managing Director Sarah Manes at Staffbase headquarters in Chemnitz, Germany. Photo by Dirk Hanus

Staffbase + Teambay = 💙

Staffbase employee surveys are powered by our recent acquisition of employee survey company, teambay.

Teambay brings years of expertise in helping organizations create powerful feedback loops. Learn more about how we’ve joined forces to offer our customers even more value.

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