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Industry leaders are already transforming their internal comms with Staffbase.


How VodafoneZiggo Connects Its Field Service Techs With Relevant, Accurate Comms

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How Spark Power Uses an Employee App to Integrate Culture After Acquisitions


How an Employee App Helps EDF Renewables Connect 1,100 Dispersed Employees

Low engagement, turnover, safety risks . . . effective internal comms is key to conquering your industry challenges.


Finally, reach your entire workforce.

Your company app from Staffbase connects employees to internal communications right from their smartphones—no company email address or private phone numbers needed!

Cut out scattered channels and have one place to create and publish all the news and information that matters to your frontline workers. Send content immediately to everyone or target updates to specific sites, teams, or shifts.

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15% reduction in safety incidents? There’s an app for that.

Your comms app makes “Safety First” more than just a slogan. Send instant alerts to local teams and keep essential safety information on hand anytime for your entire workforce:

  • ✔️ Security guidelines
  • ✔️ Service updates
  • ✔️ Weather warnings
  • ✔️ Training modules

Our employees are our greatest asset, so efficient and effective two-way communication is critical if we’re going to meet the needs of our business and grow!”

Eric Waxman - Spark Power Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer/Head of People and Culture

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Want to boost engagement but don't know where to start?

How to Engage a Remote and Multi-Generational Workforce

Get practical steps to build better communication with your deskless employees and make a major difference for your diverse workforce.


Engage employees with a click.

Frequent mergers & acquisitions, solitary work, and miles between HQ and job wonder employees struggle to stay engaged.

Build a positive company culture and put opportunities for feedback, recognition, and peer-to-peer connection in every employees’ pocket. Social features and interactive channels take your comms platform from top-down to a true conversation starter.

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Streamline field operations & self-services.

Give remote employees one place to start and end their workday. Simply add services like shift planning, leave requests, and time cards directly to your app. A convenient chat and employee directory make it easy for teams to connect and get support. Anytime. Anywhere.

The employee app is a huge timesaver. Having solutions readily available in the app helps us to solve our customers’ problems faster. When you think about the time that’s being saved per technician, per incident, it amounts to huge savings.

Moustapha Benhaddou - Performance Improvement Manager, Installation & Maintenance

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