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    What is Enterprise Communication Software?

    Enterprise communication software is essential for modern organizations. It creates a seamless infrastructure for strategic communication and engagement, helping businesses adapt to today's workplace needs, whether employees are in the office or remote.

    This software serves as a digital platform or tool tailored for businesses to facilitate internal and external communications. It supports various channels such as messaging, video conferencing, email, employee apps, and collaboration tools. Integration with other business software like project management systems, CRM software, and document management systems is crucial. Additionally, it scales to meet the communication requirements of large organizations with thousands of employees.

One platform for your enterprise communication

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Why your business needs enterprise communication software

Enterprise communication software promotes collaboration across physical boundaries and time zones, enabling real-time information sharing and reducing delays. It centralizes messages, minimizing email dependence and communication silos while providing quick access to data for informed decision-making. Crucially, it supports remote work with virtual meetings and team communication tools, making it indispensable in the modern workplace.

How enterprise communication software maximizes efficiency and engagement


Miscommunication Prevention

Communication software is vital to preventing miscommunication, ensuring clear messages that protect a company's reputation and resources during critical times.


Information Management

It streamlines data and message organization, helping employees efficiently access critical information, while reducing email overload.



Communication software ensures all employees, including those on the frontline, have equal access to information, improving overall organizational effectiveness.


Enhanced Productivity

By reducing time wasted on information retrieval and consolidating communication channels, communication software enhances productivity and team cohesion in both remote work and frontline-heavy industries.

The benefits of enterprise communication software

Switch contexts with ease

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

Streamlined communication via enterprise communication software ensures messages get to the right people promptly, reducing delays and boosting productivity.
Teams can collaborate and communicate seamlessly, regardless of location, fostering the exchange of ideas, experiences, and innovation.
Facilitates remote and hybrid work and connectivity by providing a shared space and communication channels, enabling businesses to adapt to ever-changing work environments.

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Effective communication tools empower employees to work more efficiently, making them feel more connected to their peers and organization and reducing frustration while improving job satisfaction.
Personalized and efficient communication can enhance employee engagement, making employees feel heard and valued.

Operational Efficiency

Centralized platforms simplify sharing documents and updates, cutting down on time spent searching for news and information.
Easy access to data and insights aids informed decision-making, helping leaders and comms teams optimize their communication strategy by seeing how communication measures can impact their business.
Scalable software can grow with the business, accommodating the changing needs of a company as it expands.

Cost Savings

Streamlining communication can reduce expenses associated with a variety of business inefficiencies: travel, unnecessary meetings, counterproductive workflows, or confusion created by information inequality and/or overload.
Improved internal communication often translates to better customer service, as employees can access relevant information quickly and independently to better assist customers.

The top 5 internal communication tools for your enterprise

1. Employee App

Most important features
  • Branded app and push notifications
  • Fully personalized app experience with segmentation and targeting to increase engagement and adoption (news, menus, pages, etc.)
  • Integrated HR self-services (payslips, absence requests, shift plans, etc.)
  • Reach all employees — no matter where they’re located — with crucial communication
  • Create a home base for employee services and information to increase efficiency; for example, HR self-services, department hubs, workplace tools (cafeteria menu, event calendar, etc.)
  • Foster continuous employee feedback and engagement
How Staffbase employee app helps your enterprise
Staffbase’s leading employee app helps you reach your people — no matter where they’re located — with personal, relevant, and meaningful communications.

2. Multi-Channel Intranet

Most important features
  • Modern, mobile-first, and consumer grade user experience
  • Seamless integrations with digital workplace tools
  • Native language interaction with on-demand translation
  • Built-in AI and analytics
  • Communication-first design (multi-channel; simple, intuitive studio)
  • Fully personalized experience with segmentation and targeting to increase engagement and adoption (news, menus, pages, launchpad, etc.)
  • Front door to the digital workplace
How Staffbase Intranet helps your enterprise
  • Staffbase is the #1 intranet for communications and engagement. Admins love it and employees actually use it.
  • Centralize information and knowledge sharing with features such as departmental hubs and federated search integrations with SharePoint
  • Generate employee engagement with communities, social walls, feedback, surveys, and chat
  • Find people organization-wide, be they desk or deskless workers, with an up-to-the-minute employee directory and org chart

3. Employee Email

Most important features
  • Drag and drop design
  • Real-time collaboration functionality with unlimited admin users
  • Extensive HRIS integrations
  • Spend more time creating great content that employees will actually want to read
  • Increase productivity and eliminate information silos
  • Target the right employees without IT, saving time and decreasing frustration with manually administered lists
  • Follow up with employees who haven’t opened emails
How Staffbase Employee Email helps your enterprise:
  • Staffbase's Enterprise Internal Newsletter software helps companies reach employees via email, still the most used communication channel
  • Quickly send CEO communications or crisis comms to targeted distribution lists, reduce the overload of irrelevant email, and collect feedback with embedded pulse surveys that don't make employees leave their inboxes

4. Mission Control

Most important features
  • Built-in digital framework for strategic topic planning and collaboration features to plan all of your stories across internal and external channels
  • Tools like cross-channel publishing, a unified editor for all channels, and digital asset management to help you turn your strategy into action
  • Consolidated analytics provide an aggregated overview of insights and activity to make sure you don’t miss a beat
  • Drive consistent and clear comms across all channels and departments
  • Plan your content based on strategic topics to ensure your comms activities impact your business strategy
  • Bring your internal and external comms teams together in one platform to collaborate on topics that truly matter
How Staffbase Mission Control helps your enterprise
  • Create a newsroom that helps you better manage your strategic topics, content, and stories
  • Set up a central content management platform for internal and external channels to tell your company’s story authentically, from the inside out
  • Transform into a more agile comms department by balancing reactive content with strategic topic planning

5. Strategic Communication Platform

Most important features
  • Build and measure multi-step campaigns based on goals and ensure your messages are working toward them
  • Save time with AI-supported content creation based on communications best practices so you can focus on what matters
  • Automatically surface content based on employee milestones like onboarding, role changes, change communication, and more
  • Map communications to achieve company goals
  • Ensure timely communications across all channels
  • Make personalized experiences scalable
How Staffbase Employee Communication Platform helps your enterprise
  • Make smarter business decisions and adjust your comms strategy with actionable, next-level insights
  • Create a unified digital employee experience and seamlessly connect existing tools and systems
  • Amplify key CEO, crisis, or departmental updates and strategic initiatives to all employees and unlock impact across channels

Which communication software is essential for your enterprise?

Staffbase Platform product image

For an enterprise, a strong communication strategy benefits greatly from integrating key tools accessible from a unified platform. The Staffbase Employee App offers a branded and personalized experience, integrating HR self-services to streamline internal processes and gather continuous employee feedback.

The Multi-Channel Intranet enhances this approach with a modern, mobile-first user experience and seamless integrations with digital workplace tools, serving as the central hub for information and engagement.

Employee Email enables efficient content creation and real-time collaboration, facilitating targeted communication without needing IT support. Ideally, these channels work together seamlessly to support your communication and business objectives.

That's why we developed Staffbase Mission Control and our Strategic Communication Platform. These tools work together to provide a comprehensive framework for clear and consistent communications. They align content with strategic goals and make personalized experiences scalable. This helps enterprises maintain a dynamic and effective communication strategy across all channels.

Frequently asked questions about Enterprise Communication Software

Enterprise communication software is essential for modern organizations, providing a versatile infrastructure for strategic communication and adapting to the needs of today's workplaces, whether on-site or remote. This software supports various communication channels, integrates with other business tools, and scales effectively for large enterprises.
Enterprise communication software promotes collaboration across physical boundaries and time zones, enabling real-time information sharing and reducing delays. It centralizes messages, minimizing email dependence and communication silos while providing quick access to data for informed decision-making. It supports remote work with readily accessible mobile communication tools, making it indispensable in the modern workplace.
Enhanced communication and collaboration are vital for modern organizations. Enterprise communication software streamlines messaging and facilitates real-time collaboration, fostering innovation and supporting the evolving digital workplace. It not only boosts productivity but also enhances operational efficiency by centralizing platforms, reducing costs, and improving customer service. These tools empower data-driven decisions and are capable of scaling with the business as it expands, ultimately driving growth and success.
While there are many tools on the market that promise to make your internal communication efforts more efficient, we believe that these are the top five: 1) Employee app 2) Multi-Channel Intranet 3) Employee Email 4) Staffbase Strategic Comms Platform 5) Staffbase Communications Control
The choice of employee communication software depends on an organization’s size, budget, existing software infrastructure, and specific communication needs. It's wise to fully evaluate the features, integrations, and pricing of these tools to determine which one best aligns with your business requirements. Ultimately, all of your communication software will be most effective when it works to support your communication and business strategy and objectives.
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