The Employee Experience

Employee experience has a direct impact on customer experience, and both have one thing in common: communication. Your own branded app allows you to foster elements of transparency and trust—two essentials in the worlds of finance and consulting—within your own culture and direct it outwards toward your customers, enabling your people to achieve greater and greater results.

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Create a Tailored Employee Experience

  • Employee App Experience Platform

    Your Branded App

    Communication on a mobile channel is key for creating a holistic employee experience. Your custom app on your employees’ smartphones provides them with a virtual connection to their work.

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    The Sky’s the Limit

    With our API as a foundation, your team can develop customized plugins that suit your individual needs, allowing your app to grow into a platform that goes far beyond basic communication needs.

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    The Model Kit

    Our feature set allows you to build your app from the ground up, letting it evolve to meet your employees’ every need. Use push notifications, videos, and live blogging to share exciting stories with your staff via diverse media.

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Employee App Testimonial Susann Wanitschke – T-Systems MMS

“We love our employee app!”

Susann Wanitschke - Internal Communications

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