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Your Front Door Employee Intranet

No matter where your people work—front line, non-desk, office—Staffbase is the hub for employee communication, key resources and services, and accessing your applications.

The Main Entry Point to Your Digital Workplace

Staffbase Intranet Services Integration

Make Key Resources Easily Accessible

Staffbase Intranet Screen Directory


The people directory sits at the heart of the Staffbase app, helping employees find coworkers with ease and speed. Filter for different criteria, including expertise, department, or location, and synchronize with directories, including Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and other HR applications.


Navigate quickly to frequently-used applications via intranet front page shortcuts and link widgets. Personalize links based on groups and use the Staffbase embedded page Single Sign-On (SSO) to pass authentication credentials to other applications.


Staffbase plugins are designed for simple and useful services like surveys, calendars, links, meal plans, live polls, or event registration. Plugins can be activated for all users or just selected groups. Add your own plugins based on the Staffbase plugin API to provide features or custom integrations.


Locate relevant information easily and quickly with the integrated search. The live search filters names as you type, providing instant access to coworkers.

An Employee Intranet That’s Right for Your Organization

Publish Corporate Content

Staffbase Intranet Corporate Content


Design and publish custom pages and use widgets to combine both static and dynamic content on a single site. Decide what content you want mobile users to see and create a unique experience for each channel.


Publicize events and add info pages and feedback forms; let staff share photos and more. Employees can sign up for events and download details into their personal calendar.


International teams are a reality in today's global marketplace. Staffbase supports content in more than 30 languages, with an interface that can be displayed in 18 languages, including Chinese.


Organize even large amounts of content with Staffbase Spaces and folders. Decentralize content management and governance and deliver the right content for each audience—even in large globally distributed organizations.

Make It Your Own

Brand and personalize Staffbase to make your employees feel right at home. You can create multiple homepages and target them to specific groups within your company.

Staffbase — Mobile Is the Future of the Intranet

Mobile Is the Future of the Intranet

Intranet, SharePoint, Workplace by Facebook, Slack, or Office 365? The opportunities and challenges of the digital workplace have given internal communicators a wide range of choices for their intranet and workplace strategy. Learn how an employee app serves a multitude of purposes.

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