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Healthcare networks are complicated. Your internal comms doesn’t have to be.

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Pagers & Emails? Not for reaching everyone.

Your app connects all employees, from surgeons to cleaning staff, immediately with one unified communications channel. Send updates right to employees’ smartphones for organization-wide announcements. Or, target content only to staff at specific units, locations, or on shift.

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“Where’d you see that?” ➡️ “It’s in the app.”

Employees can’t do their job well if they’re cut off from or confused about where to find need-to-know info. Pre-designed pages make it quick to organize important contacts, documents, & staff FAQs all in one spot. So, everyone can quickly find and access the resources they need right from your app.

“Our staff knows that if it’s important, it’s on I-Connect. Before I-Connect, employees had to visit several different areas of our intranet to find what they needed—now everything is in one centralized location.”

Meagan Kowalski - Director of Planning, Community Relations, and Marketing at Iredell Health System

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Create a community with your internal comms.

In a field that’s always putting others first, internal culture often falls to the wayside. Your app makes feedback, recognition and personal connection posible and visible organization-wide. And, with your app, every employee can carry your community with them-- directly in the pocket of their scrubs.

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