Importing content from existing intranets


Staffbase provides a solution to distribute news, pages and other content to the smartphones of your employees. Often this content already exists in your legacy intranet and you want to use Staffbase to provide an alternative access channel. Staffbase provides an API to let you export content from your existing systems into your  Staffbase App.



Staffbase offers a JSON-based REST API to let external systems send content to Staffbase. The API is secured with SSL/Basic Auth (contact us to enable the API for your account and receive an API token).

The API supports CRUD operations (create, read, update, delete) on all information objects in Staffbase:

  • Articles
  • Pages
  • Channels
  • Users

Example: The typical steps for an intranet integration scenario with an external content provider (e.g. SharePoint, Typo3, WordPress):

  1. The user publishes a new news article in the content provider.
  2. The content provider automatically creates an API call /articles/ with the article’s headline, text and included media to create a new article.
  3. The news article automatically gets published in the Staffbase App.

Contact us to retrieve your API token:

If you need help with the integration we’re happy to help: