Integrating Staffbase with your Active Directory/LDAP


Staffbase provides a solution to distribute news, pages and other content to the smartphones of your employees. Users can be onboarded with corporate email (self service), email invitation or access codes. If you have your employees listen in a directory service (Active Directory/LDAP) Staffbase can automatically sync your users in Staffbase with this service to automatically add/remove/change users.



Staffbase_architecture overviews


An Active Directory is a place for sensitive data. Therefore you’ll work directly with our solutions team to set up the integration. We’ll work with you on 1. How to access your Active Directory and 2. What data should be imported into Staffbase. We can also agree to use VPN to further secure the integration (on request).

Once set up, Staffbase’s AD service will regularely check for user changes in your AD and apply those changes to Staffbase. Removed users will be deactivated in Staffbase and immediately get logged out from all active sessions in the Staffbase App.

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