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    What does internal communication software do?

    Internal communication software is essential in a digital-first world of hybrid and remote working. It includes tools to share files easily, mobile apps for employee communication, and instant messaging for quick conversations. Internal communication software also covers email for official communication and document sharing, as well as intranet systems, which serve as a central place for employees to access essential information and tools.

Overview of the best internal communication software tools that drive success for internal comms

Internal Newsletters
With internal newsletters, you can easily reach employees via email, still the most commonly used communication channel. Using tools like Staffbase Email can help you share news and updates — improving employee connections.
Intranet software solutions like the Staffbase Intranet, a centralized hub for resources, news, and collaboration, amplifies team communication and improves employee engagement through tailored, relevant communication.
Employee Apps
The use of communication and engagement apps like the Staffbase Employee App, which provides real-time information, personalized experiences, and engagement features, strengthens internal communication.
Internal Communication Platform
A multi-channel approach to ensuring consistent comms that reach employees in their preferred channels.
Pulse Surveys
Survey software tools such as the Staffbase Platform's employee survey feature, which collects timely feedback through rapid employee surveys, improves decision-making and aligns with the internal communication strategy.
Video Conferencing
Empowering remote teams with video conferencing tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams fosters collaboration through face-to-face virtual meetings and real-time communication.
Instant Messaging Tools
Using collaboration tools such as Slack or Microsoft Teams to promote seamless teamwork and project collaboration via a versatile internal communications platform.
Digital Signage
By using digital signage software to display important announcements and updates in common areas using dynamic digital displays, effective internal communications can be achieved with hard-to-reach employees.
Employee Onboarding Software
Using a tool like the Staffbase Intranet's Journeys feature for new hires simplifies integration, accelerates productivity, and creates a positive onboarding experience. The feature provides structured training and information delivery, helping employees quickly get up to speed.

Why does your company need internal communication software tools?


Enhanced Messaging Consistency and Effectiveness

Internal communication tools are a vital asset for ensuring that messages from leaders, HR teams, and communication professionals remain consistent and effective. By providing a streamlined platform for communication, it becomes easier to prevent mixed messaging and enhance the overall impact of communications across the organization.


Upgraded Internal Communication Channels

Internal communication software features bring a significant upgrade to existing internal communication channels or introduce completely new internal comms channels. These tools optimize communication efforts by efficiently creating professional-grade messaging or tailoring email content, for example, to increase employee engagement, resulting in improved information dissemination and higher engagement levels.


Efficiency and Time Savings

Internal communication software significantly saves time and effort when sending messages to employees. By offering streamlined message distribution and metrics measurement features, they ensure that information immediately reaches the right individuals. This efficiency boost translates to improved productivity and smoother workflow processes.


Enhanced Employee Experience

Internal comms tools facilitate teamwork, streamline communication, increase productivity, and create a cohesive work environment. With internal comms software, employees are more connected and engaged, making communication seamless across your organization and enhancing the employee experience — wherever your employees work.


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The best internal communication software explained and ranked


1. Internal Newsletters

As a classic form of communication that remains the most-read channel, internal newsletters fulfill the essential role of keeping employees informed and engaged. They establish a dedicated channel for updates, news, and insights, enhancing communication within the organization. These newsletters excel in capturing employees' attention.
Internal newsletters serve as effective communication tools, promoting engagement, knowledge sharing, and alignment with company goals.
Engaging content, visually appealing design, and personalization options enhance the effectiveness of internal newsletters.
Internal newsletters are utilized for company updates, policy communication, employee recognition, learning initiatives, and team-building activities.

2. Front Door Intranet

An intranet serves as the company home base – a private network within an organization that promotes greater communication, information sharing, and collaboration among employees. It acts as a centralized hub for company resources, updates, and tools, ultimately boosting efficiency and nurturing a strong sense of unity among the workforce.
Intranets bring streamlined communication, enhanced collaboration, centralized resources, improved engagement, cost savings, and efficient information retrieval.
Document management, real-time news, employee directories, customization options, search functionality, and security measures are integral to intranets.
Intranets facilitate company news distribution, team collaboration, document sharing, employee onboarding, training, feedback collection, and cross-departmental communication.

3. Employee App

Employee apps, a result of Staffbase's mobile-focused approach, strategically connect with frontline workers. They provide real-time access to crucial company information and seamless mobile communication, resulting in heightened engagement, efficient workflows, and personalized experiences. In a mobile-centric world, these apps connect organizations with frontline heroes, fostering unified success.
Employee apps drive engagement, optimize workflows, and provide instant access to vital information, enhancing overall productivity and job satisfaction.
Real-time information access, engagement enhancement, workflow streamlining, and personalized experiences are core features of employee apps.
Employee apps improve engagement, expedite workflows, and deliver real-time information to enhance decision-making and communication efficiency.
Digital signage is a time-tested solution that brings vibrant and dynamic content to life. These versatile tools serve as a powerhouse for internal communication, effectively broadcasting essential updates, announcements, and multimedia in shared spaces, offices, and retail settings. By harnessing digital signage, organizations bolster their communication effectiveness, heighten employee engagement, and elevate brand visibility across diverse environments.
Employee onboarding tools are a game-changer when it comes to seamlessly integrating new hires into your organization. These tools offer well-organized frameworks for training and information dissemination, ensuring a swift transition that leads to heightened productivity and an exceptional onboarding journey. By leveraging employee onboarding tools, companies can accelerate the integration of new team members, guarantee consistent training, and establish a memorable first impression that sets the stage for success.
Employee survey tools play a pivotal role in harnessing valuable feedback and insights directly from your workforce. These platforms facilitate a deeper understanding of employee sentiments, acting as a compass for improving organizational culture and guiding data-driven decision-making. By utilizing employee survey tools, companies foster higher engagement levels and pave the way for continuous improvements based on concrete data. This feedback loop not only enhances employee satisfaction but also contributes to the overall growth and success of the organization.
Collaboration tools stand as indispensable resources that foster seamless teamwork, efficient document sharing, and real-time communication among employees. These platforms create an environment conducive to cross-functional collaboration, allowing teams to work together harmoniously regardless of geographical barriers. By utilizing collaboration tools, companies can significantly improve internal communication, boost project management efficiency, and enhance overall productivity. Whether it's co-authoring documents, conducting virtual meetings, or sharing resources, these tools empower teams to achieve their goals with greater efficiency and effectiveness, ultimately driving organizational success.

How to Choose the Right Internal Communication Tools for Your Company's Needs


Evaluate the costs associated with the internal communication tools, including upfront expenses, recurring fees, licensing costs, and potential scalability charges. Understand the total cost of ownership to ensure it fits your budget and financial projections.


Prioritize security by assessing the tools' data encryption, user authentication features, and compliance with data protection regulations. Look for robust security measures like role-based access control and audit logs to safeguard sensitive information.

Vendor Reputation

When dealing with multiple tools, choose vendors based on their reputation, customer support, and responsiveness. Understand the vendor's track record in maintaining and updating tools. Clarify contract terms, service-level agreements, and exit strategies during the procurement process.

Platform & Integrations

Select tools compatible with your existing systems and user preferences. Ensure they work well on various devices and offer user-friendly interfaces. Seek tools that integrate seamlessly with other software your company uses to enhance productivity and streamline workflows.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Internal Communication Software

Internal communication software is a digital tool designed to facilitate seamless and efficient communication within an organization. It helps teams and employees share information, collaborate, and stay connected through various channels, such as messaging, announcements, file sharing, and more.
Internal communication software works by providing a platform where employees can communicate with each other, share updates, documents, and announcements. It often includes features like instant messaging, discussion forums, file sharing, task management, and integrations with other productivity tools.
Internal communication software offers several benefits, including improved collaboration, faster information sharing, reduced email overload, enhanced team engagement, better transparency, streamlined workflows, and a centralized hub for important company updates.
Key features to consider include employee app functionality, internal email newsletters, intranet platforms, channels for different teams/projects, file sharing, notifications, integrations with other tools, search functionality, mobile accessibility, security measures, and analytics for tracking engagement.
Yes, reputable internal communication software providers prioritize security. Staffbase uses encryption for data transmission and storage, implements access controls, and adheres to industry standards to ensure the safety of your communication and sensitive information.You can learn more on our Security page.
Yes, the best modern internal communication software platforms offer mobile employee apps compatible with iOS and Android devices. This ensures that employees can stay connected and engaged even when they are on the frontline.
Metrics such as engagement rates (messages, posts, comments), user activity, the speed of information dissemination, email volume reduction, and feedback from employees on how the software has improved their communication and collaboration experiences can be used to measure effectiveness. Staffbase's internal communications software includes advanced analytics features.

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