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What is the Staffbase platform?

Internal communications tools, built for internal communications professionals.

The Staffbase platform gives you one place to plan, create, publish, and measure content for all your employees, from one place.

Choose the channels your employees use most, and start reaching their hearts and minds with truly engaging company communications.

It wouldn’t be a cornerstone internal communications tool for 1000+ companies if it wasn’t …

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Mobile First
Built for mobile, your platform reaches every employee on the device they use most. No email address or phone number required.
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Fully Branded
Colors, icons, and even the name-the Staffbase platform is always completely personalized to your company.
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Made to Reach Everyone
Staffbase reaches employees on any channel. Get mission-critical news to those who need it, instantly.
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100% Secure
Your platform is protected with enterprise-grade security, including ISO certification and GDPR compliance.

Reaching all of your employees with modern communications has never been easier to manage

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Branding and delivery, your way

Build employee trust from day one.

Your internal communications platform is fully branded inside and out, which doesn’t just mean slapping a logo on the startpage. Your identity shines in every detail-from colors, fonts, and icons, all the way to the name and logo.

Get your app in employees’ hands fast.

Your app is always easy and convenient for employees to download. Achieve the highest user adoption possible and build trust in your brand. Staffbase is the only provider on the market that has a proven positive track record with app store delivery, including:

  • ✔ 1000+ fully-branded projects to date
  • ✔ 100% success with public app store delivery

Staffbase platform integrations workday, microsoft, salesforce, google, okta, slack


Don’t leave employees wondering where to go to access important services. Easily integrate all the apps and tools your workforce relies on directly into your internal communications platform.

The best part: integrating with Staffbase doesn’t take an extensive IT project! You decide the level of integration from easy linking to complete data connection.

Staffbase Microsoft Widget Desktop screen

Microsoft 365

Staffbase integrates extensively with Microsoft 365 for maximum flexibility and convenience. Employees can check your company news directly in their Microsoft tools, like Teams, jump between platforms seamlessly, or use MS 365 tools directly in your Staffbase platform including:

  • ✔ Calendars
  • ✔ Sites
  • ✔ Files & tasks
  • ✔ MS Teams’ conversations

Staffbase Platform Management Sites

Platform Management

Five options like SSO, one-time access codes, or employee ID make is simple to invite any employee group to the platform and get them logged in for the first time quickly and easily.
Keeping employee access updated can be as simple as uploading a CSV file. Other flexible options, like User API, and SCIM connect with existing systems at your org and update access to your platform automatically.
Keep governance in check, even in decentralized structures. Build spaces within your platform for specific locations, departments, or business areas. Easily add and assign roles by space, group, or platform-wide.
Staffbase ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliance

Security and Infrastructure

Trusted by 1000+ enterprise customers worldwide.

We take data security and compliance seriously. The Staffbase platform is GDPR compliant, ISO certified, and offers hosting with both EU and US services. See why the most demanding industries trust us.

Strategize, plan, publish.
All in one platform.

From individual content to full campaigns, see how Staffbase supports every step of your communications planning.

Learn more about IC planning

Staffbase campaigns: Set your strategy, plan campaigns and content, publish and measure
Staffbase Clearbox Employee App Choice 2021

Award winning, simple content creation

Clearbox Consulting Employee App Choice 2021

"Feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Customers emphasise the ease of use of the platform, both from the employee and administration perspective. Several stated that no training was required for employees or editors."

Create engaging content simply

Staffbase Experience Studio Create articles and make settings

Design eye-catching updates

Quickly add videos and hashtags, link content, and more to your news with pre-designed content blocks. Ready to publish? Send targeted notifications immediately or schedule posts to publish later. Swipe options on-or-off to:

  • ✔ Automatically translate content
  • ✔ Request acknowledgements
  • ✔ Re-alert employees to updates they missed

Staffbase Channel overview and content management with local news view

Manage simply with a news HQ

Have an overview of all your news channels down to the details of individual posts from one dashboard. Share existing content with a new audience. See how many employees your comms has reached at a glance. Create a new channel, add local editors, or update top-level announcements with ghostwriting - all with a click.

Staffbase Create page view example page

Make your company information shine

Simply design high-quality intranet pages - no-code needed. Templates give editors stylish starting points for clear and consistent pages. Organizing large amounts of content is quick and easy for everything from HR & IT info to department homepages or corporate initiatives.

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Staffbase Employee Email Designer

IC’s most-loved email designer

Employee Email is now in the Staffbase platform!

See how you can create engaging employee newsletters in minutes and transform the way email is working for your organization.

Automated Communication

Introducing Staffbase Journeys, the first employee experience tool for comms teams. Create highly tailored content paths to automatically inform and engage employees, at the perfect time

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Authentic internal communication makes employees part of the conversation

Staffbase Social Interactions

Go beyond top-down comms

Targeted channels keep employees automatically up to date on news that’s vital to their role, location, or department. Social walls allow employees to start conversations and share stories with colleagues. Likes, comments, and hashtags keep things social, and auto-translation makes sure content understandable for everyone.

Staffbase homepage example mobile view

No more “fake news”

Staffbase internal communications software includes pages where documents, FAQs, and contact information are accessible anytime from pages that are simple to find and use-even on mobile devices. Take employees from, “Who’d you hear that from?” to reliable info, round the clock.

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Staffbase Chat screen on mobile with photo

Connect employees in real time

Keep professional conversations convenient and secure with instant messaging for every employee. 1-1 and group chats make it simple to get in touch quickly, clear up urgent questions on-the-go, and share documents and contacts with just a click.

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Staffbase Employee Directory with Filter option

Help your people find their people

Don’t leave employees struggling to get in touch or find the right person for the job. Keep your entire workforce connected to each other at anytime -right from your Staffbase platform. A shared directory keeps everyone’s contact details at your fingertips and makes sharing other info like job titles, skill sets, and expertise simple and searchable.

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Staffbase analytics are some of the best we’ve seen across any platform. They will help organisations understand employee behaviour, and identify patterns in engagement and usage at multiple levels."

Clearbox Consulting - Employee Apps Report

Optimize your internal communications and back up the business value of your work


Say it with us: internal communications is a business asset! Now you can prove it. Get data-driven reports on employee activity and engagement and show your platform’s impact using one sleek analytics dashboard.

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Staffbase Surveys

Employee Surveys

High-impact communications includes the voice of the employee. Add employee surveys to your Staffbase platform to get ongoing feedback, make sure surveys reach your whole workforce, and have actionable insights into how employees feel.

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