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What is an intranet CMS

An intranet Content Management System (CMS) is software designed to facilitate the creation, management, and distribution of content within an organization's internal intranet.

There are two key components: CMS & Intranet. The combination of these two concepts results in an intranet CMS, a content management system specifically tailored for use within an organization's intranet.

Content Management System (CMS)

A software application or set of programs that enable users to create, edit, and manage digital content. In the context of an intranet, this content can include text, images, documents, videos, and other types of data that employees need for their work.


A private network within an organization that uses internet technologies to securely share information, collaboration tools, and other resources among its members. It is essentially a private version of the internet, accessible only to authorized users within the organization.

Why your organization needs an intranet CMS

Enhance Internal Communication
An intranet CMS enhances internal communication within an organization by providing a centralized platform for sharing information, updates, and documents, fostering transparent and efficient communication among employees. With features like accessible content creation, it streamlines communication processes, promoting teamwork and ensuring that employees stay well-informed about important matters.
Improve Employee Engagement
An intranet CMS improves employee engagement by offering a dynamic platform for interactive communication, allowing employees to share ideas, feedback, and collaborate on projects. With easily accessible and regularly updated content, employees feel more connected to the organization's goals, fostering a sense of community and involvement that enhances overall engagement.
Enrich the Employee Experience
An intranet CMS enriches the employee experience by providing a user-friendly interface for seamless access to information, resources, and digital workplace tools, simplifying daily tasks and reducing workflow friction. With personalized content, interactive features, and efficient communication channels, employees can navigate their work environment more effectively, contributing to a positive and productive overall experience within the organization.
Hassle-Free, Minimal Code Setup
Setting up an intranet becomes remarkably hassle-free when your chosen intranet vendor offers a robust Content Management System (CMS). With an intranet CMS like Staffbase, the complexities traditionally associated with coding and reliance on IT department support are significantly reduced. This streamlined process empowers non-technical users to effortlessly create, edit, and manage content within the intranet, eliminating the need for specialized coding skills.
Easy Customization
The intuitive interface of the CMS allows for easy customization of the intranet's look and feel, ensuring that organizations can tailor their digital workplace to align with their specific needs. This user-friendly approach not only accelerates intranet deployment but also fosters a more agile and collaborative work environment, as employees can focus on content creation and collaboration without the hindrance of the technical barriers often associated with managing content within a CMS.

Benefits of an intranet CMS


Efficiently Create and Manage Content

An intranet CMS streamlines efficient content management for your company's intranet, simplifying the creation, editing, and organization of digital assets. It allows easy management and tracking of revisions for intranet content, ensuring version control and content accuracy over time. And it facilitates collaborative content development by enabling teams to work together seamlessly within the intranet environment.


Control who can access, edit, and publish content

An intranet CMS provides granular control over access, editing, and publishing permissions, ensuring that content is managed securely and in accordance with organizational policies.


Easily expand and adapt the system to meet changing needs/scalability

An intranet CMS offers scalability, allowing the system to be easily expanded and adapted to meet changing needs as your organization grows and evolves.


Reduce the time and resources needed for content management

Enhances cost-efficiency by reducing the time and resources required for content management, empowering non-technical users and minimizing reliance on extensive IT support.

Intranet CMS Features

Staffbase Communications Control

Easy Installation

Simple setup and installation process for convenience.

User-Friendly Interface

An intuitive dashboard for straightforward content management.

Customized Branding

Tailor the CMS to match your organization's branding and style.


Companion AI

Work smarter with secure and enterprise-ready AI, hosted by Microsoft.

Content Creation

Easily create and edit text, images, and multimedia content.


Use pre-designed templates for consistent content formatting.


Analytics and Reporting

Monitor user engagement and content performance.

Workflow Automation

Set up content approval processes and collaborative workflows.

Content Scheduling

Plan and automate content publishing for specific times and dates.


Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly connect with other software and tools.

Version Control

Manage and track revisions to content, ensuring accuracy.

Multi-language Support

Accommodate diverse language needs within the organization.

Creating your intranet strategy

Choosing the right software first requires a knowledge of your actual needs. In other words, you need a strategy. Building one doesn't necessarily involve weeks of workshops and theory; you can pragmatically realize your goals as long as you answer some specific questions:



What is your intranet ideally meant to do, and what are its expected benefits. In other words, what are your so-called use cases?



How do I define and measure success?



Who are the target groups for your use cases, and how can you reach these people?



Which organizational framework do I need in order to successfully operate the intranet and its use cases?

11 steps to a successful intranet CMS

Fortunately, deciding on your use cases isn't too complicated. Many past intranet projects have revealed that organizations have similar views on what they want to achieve with the intranet:


Set Up

1. Set Goals and Needs: Clearly define why you need an intranet CMS and list the features you require.

2. Select an Integrated Solution: Choose an intranet CMS solution that suits your needs, such as Staffbase or a similar integrated platform.

3. Install and Configure: Follow the provided installation instructions to set up your intranet CMS on your server and configure the settings.



4. Customize Appearance: Personalize the look and feel of your combined intranet CMS, ensuring it aligns with your company's brand and is user-friendly.

5. Manage User Permissions: Establish user roles and permissions to control who can access, edit, and publish content, while maintaining data security.

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Add Content

6. Add Content: Begin populating your intranet with content using the integrated CMS, including documents, articles, and multimedia elements.

7. Activate Collaboration Tools: If available, activate collaboration features within your integrated solution to enhance team communication and project collaboration.

8. Test Functionality: Thoroughly test the combined intranet and CMS to ensure all features work together seamlessly. Address any issues that arise during testing.

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9. Train Users: Provide training to employees on how to use the integrated platform, maximizing their ability to collaborate and manage content effectively.

10. Launch: Once testing and training are complete, launch the intranet CMS for company-wide use. Communicate the launch to encourage user engagement.

11. Regular Maintenance: Implement regular maintenance and updates to keep your solution running smoothly, addressing security and performance needs.

Staffbase Intranet CMS


Staffbase Intranet CMS stands out as a user-friendly yet powerful content management system, tailor-made for internal communicators and business users. It simplifies intranet management while providing enterprise-level scalability, robust permissions, and governance controls. Fully customizable and powered by AI, the solution offers a centralized admin center for efficient content management across various channels, which is crucial for businesses with diverse communication needs.

With GDPR compliance, hosting on Microsoft Azure, and ISO27001 security standards, Staffbase ensures industry-leading data protection and security. And with analytics tools that deliver valuable insights into user engagement across all intranet channels and touchpoints, organizations can make more informed decisions on communication and content.

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Features that make the Staffbase Intranet CMS unique

AI-powered technology like ChatGPT is fundamentally transforming how our world works

Staffbase AI Companion

At Staffbase, we recognize the importance of using AI effectively. Staffbase Companion is our generative AI-based tool designed specifically for communicators. It helps them create titles, teasers, optimize texts based on best practices, and write summaries. We are intentional about choosing use cases for AI that benefit communicators directly.

Staffbase Smart Impact

Smart Impact

Understand your impact with analytics that go beyond measuring reach. Smart Impact© helps you make better informed decisions, show value, and drive real business impact. Smart Campaigns©, Smart Checks©, and Smart Insights© are all designed to provide analytics that will help you keep your finger on the pulse of your organization.

Staffbase Integrations


Every modern organization uses different tools, systems, and applications for day-to-day operations. Staffbase’s range of integration options allow you to bring together content or services dispersed across various tools in a central location and allow many different users to manage these tools efficiently across platforms. Staffbase integrations help to bridge the gap between different tools and systems, and solves the challenge of managing users across multiple platforms.

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