Mobile Is the Future of SharePoint

Staffbase complements your SharePoint platform, allowing you to create a powerful and relevant one-stop intranet for all of your target groups.

Staffbase Employee Experience Platform SharePoint Integration

The Missing Link in Your SharePoint Intranet Strategy

  • Staffbase Employee Experience Platform SharpPoint Integration

    Sharepoint Integration

    Staffbase easily integrates with your existing intranet. Our SharePoint plugIn allows you to sync existing content to your app, thus saving the time and effort of cultivating two separate platforms.

  • Employee Experience Mobile Intranet Platform App – Content Managament System

    Content Management

    Whether you publish one article per day or one hundred, Staffbase supports your workflow and automatically optimizes your content for mobile access. Schedule publishing, embed rich media, enable or disable comments and likes, and send push notifications.

  • Employee Experience Mobile Intranet Platform App – Channels

    Content Targeting

    Create content for specific target groups. Using multiple channels, you can share only the news that's relevant to specific locations and departments. Content creation can be decentralized, empowering local publishers. Choose who sees what, or enable users to subscribe to the channels they like.

  • Public or Private

    Content on your app can be either public or private. If you choose private distribution, users will be required to log in. We support multiple access methods—from printed access codes to single sign-on (SSO) solutions.

Employee Experience Mobile Intranet Platform App – User Friendly

1. User-Friendly

Create an intuitive alternative for your non-technical workers who are often overwhelmed by the complexity of SharePoint.

Employee Experience Mobile Intranet Platform App – Cost Efficient

2. Cost Efficient

Stop wasting the licensing and operating expenses of SharePoint on employees who only need intranet access.

Employee Experience Mobile Intranet Platform App – Mobile Support

3. Great Mobile Support

Superior user experience and accessibility means you'll be mobile-first from day one.

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