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Industry leaders know their business success is driven by non-desk workers.

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Driving Change with an Employee App

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Webinar: How an Employee App Works for DHL

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Mobile Communication for a Mobile Industry

70% of the logistics industry doesn’t work at a desk. Reach your mobile workers with mobile-first comms.

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Reach employees where they are.

With an employee app your company news & updates are always available, right from employees’ smartphones. Targeted push & email notifications let you alert people to news that’s critical to their work--no matter if they’re in the back office or at the truck stop.

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15% reduction in safety incidents? There’s an app for that.

Effective internal communications makes employees’ work simpler & safer. Send instant alerts with your company app and keep essential safety information on hand anytime for your entire workforce:

  • ✔️Security guidelines
  • ✔️Route and inventory updates
  • ✔️Weather warnings
  • ✔️Training modules

We can create a much greater bond between our employees and the company, because now everyone is able to contribute with their ideas and comments. Everyone has a voice.

Markus Röhl Marketing Director, Reinert Logistics

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Take the “we feeling” on the road.

Heavy workloads and long times away can leave employees feeling demoralized and make recruiting new talent a challenge. Interactive channels for recognition and exchange, polls & surveys, and a convenient chat & employee directory keep your workforce engaged, no matter the distance.

Do you know the number one way to engage non-desk workers?

Three Effective Ways to Drive Engagement

Non-desk workers make up 80% of the workforce. Are you reaching them? Boost connection and jump-start employee engagement today with practical advice from leaders in the logistics and transportation industry.

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