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How can internal comms reach non-desk manufacturing workers?

There are roughly 427 million non-desk workers in the manufacturing industry, many of whom lack the unified information-sharing and communications systems enjoyed by their desk-bound counterparts.

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Unsatisfactory Safety Communication

85% of manufacturing leaders say that speaking to their employees is difficult or very difficult. This is especially problematic when accidents happen on the factory floor, where it’s vital that safety protocols are easily accessible and up to date. Printed safety data sheets can’t alert workforces to potentially hazardous conditions.

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An Aging Workforce

With 75% of manufacturers reporting a moderate to severe shortage of skilled workers, the manufacturing workforce is getting smaller and older. Consequently, this demographic lacks the digital intuition needed of new communications technologies that might improve internal comms, while younger workers are choosing different career paths.

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Outdated HR Communication

Public-access employee terminals or kiosks play a major role in plant floor communications, allowing access to HR materials, time reporting, company calendars, and more. But engagement with these machines is limited and they don’t provide as-needed access to the tools and services employees need to be successful.

Deliver a mobile-first manufacturing app to communicate with all employees effortlessly

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Put Safety First

A positive safety culture requires regular, company-wide communication that leaders can confirm has been read and understood. An employee app is an effective way of supporting a broad range of health- and safety-related activities and can act as the communication backbone of your safety program.

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Reach Workers of Every Age

An employee app allows companies to accurately measure the topics that best engage their multi-generational audience, saving time and money by targeting their comms efforts and and applying digital insights into creating the right content for the right audience. And it provides the two-way communication younger generations demand.

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Share Information Where and When It’s Needed

An employee app shares the information your people need directly to their mobile devices—making it readily accessible when and where they need it most. Whether they’re sitting at a desk or working on the factory floor, an app gives them an easy, familiar way to access the comms and services that they require to be their best.

Manufacturing Employees Need First-Rate Equipment

If you’re done relying on unsafe, uninspiring, and old-fashioned methods of workforce communication, isn’t it time to try a tool that’s been proven to do the job right?

“Finally, we have found a way to reach our employees in production and logistics, too.”

Albrecht von Truchsess - Head of Corporate Communications

We want everyone, from Brazil to China, to know what‘s happening at our headquarters in Vienna, and vice versa. Communication in a company of our size must be global and interactive. Our app allows us and our employees to make news and information available conveniently with our smartphones, anytime and anywhere.”

Staffbase goes well beyond the communication platform and brings together so many of the resources we need to put in front of our employees—from Communications and Employee Health Management to HR and Finance.

The employee app is a huge timesaver. Having solutions readily available in the app helps us to solve our customers’ problems faster. When you think about the time that’s being saved per technician, per incident, it amounts to huge savings.