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Employee communications app built for MAN Truck

In an industry with high safety risks and high turnover, reaching and engaging employees is a must.


Staffbase Reach all employees with tailored news, individual push notifications, and local news updates

Finally, a way to reach your deskless employees, too.

Let’s face it, employee computer kiosks aren’t catching anyone’s attention on the factory floor. With a communications platform from Staffbase, you can start ensuring critical information is read by everyone. Publish all the information your employees need, from one place. Send organization-wide updates, or target content to specific factories, teams, or shifts.

Staffbase Security overview page with checklists, FAQs and important contacts

Safety culture: Sounds like *bing*.

The most common workplace hazard many companies ignore? Poor access to information that keeps people safe. With your company app, you can send instant notifications to reach employees with urgent messages, and use pages to create easy access to the safety protocols, checklists, contacts, and FAQs employees need.

Manufacturing Employees Need First-Rate Equipment

If you’re done relying on unsafe, uninspiring, and old-fashioned methods of workforce communication, isn’t it time to try a tool that’s been proven to do the job right?

“Finally, we have found a way to reach our employees in production and logistics, too.”

Albrecht von Truchsess - Head of Corporate Communications

Staffbase employee services, employees with telephone screen showing shift plan

Employee self-services that are actually convenient.

Office employees have self-services at their fingertips, shouldn’t the same be true for deskless workers? In your company app, you can add microservices like shift planning, leave requests, and time cards. Make your platform the one place employees go to start and finish their work day.

Staffbase Young employee at workplace looking at a mobile phone

Looking for a better way to connect with your non-desk workers?

7 Ways to Improve Communication with Manufacturing Workers

Check out this discussion between 3 industry veterans about best practices for bridging the gap between comms and employees on the factory floor.

We want everyone, from Brazil to China, to know what‘s happening at our headquarters in Vienna, and vice versa. Communication in a company of our size must be global and interactive. Our app allows us and our employees to make news and information available conveniently with our smartphones, anytime and anywhere.”

Staffbase goes well beyond the communication platform and brings together so many of the resources we need to put in front of our employees—from Communications and Employee Health Management to HR and Finance.

The employee app is a huge timesaver. Having solutions readily available in the app helps us to solve our customers’ problems faster. When you think about the time that’s being saved per technician, per incident, it amounts to huge savings.