Staffbase Mobile is the future of the Intranet

Mobile Is the Future of Intranets

Less than half of all employees with access to their company's intranet log on daily. In comparison, we pick up our smartphones more than 85 times every day. Considering these two realities, mobile intranets have emerged as the solution for creating engaging internal communications.

 A Mobile-First Intranet App for Businesses That Put Employees at Heart

Staffbase Employee Experience Intranet: Dynamic pages

Content Management

Whether you publish one article per day or one hundred, Staffbase supports your workflow and automatically optimizes your content for mobile access. Schedule publishing, embed rich media, enable or disable comments and likes, and send push notifications.

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Content Targeting

Create content for specific target groups. Using multiple channels you can share news that's relevant to specific locations and departments. Content creation can be decentralized, empowering local publishers. Choose who sees what, or enable users to subscribe to the channels they like.

CSM Integration

CMS Integration

Staffbase easily integrates with your existing intranet: SharePoint, Adobe Experience Manager, Drupal, FirstSpirit, Typo3, and others.

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7 Strategic Ways to Boost Communication With a Remote Workforce

Free Whitepaper: 7 Strategic Ways to Boost Communication With a Remote Workforce

How to make content relevant through audience segmentation and how to use mobile for video training and meetings.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile Intranet Apps

A mobile intranet app is a powerful tool that allows employees to access essential company information and communicate with colleagues using their smartphones or tablets. It serves as a mobile extension of the company's intranet, providing employees with on-the-go access to important resources, announcements, and updates. The app offers a user-friendly interface tailored to the mobile experience, ensuring seamless navigation and efficient interaction with internal content.
The Staffbase Intranet App offers several valuable benefits to organizations. Firstly, it fosters improved employee communication and collaboration, enabling teams to connect and share ideas regardless of their physical location. This, in turn, boosts productivity and efficiency.

Secondly, the app enhances employee engagement through interactive features like surveys and feedback mechanisms, helping organizations gather valuable insights from their workforce.

Additionally, the mobile intranet streamlines the onboarding process for new hires, providing them with easy access to training materials and facilitating faster integration into the company culture.

Lastly, the app's instant push notifications ensure that employees receive timely updates and critical information, ensuring everyone stays informed and connected.
A mobile intranet is beneficial for companies of all sizes and industries that prioritize effective internal communication, streamlined information sharing, and improved engagement among employees. From startups to large enterprises, organizations seeking to enhance employee engagement, boost productivity, and promote seamless communication should consider adopting a mobile intranet app. Regardless of the sector, businesses that value accessibility, agility, and efficient communication can significantly benefit from implementing the Staffbase Mobile Intranet App.
To access the company's mobile intranet, employees can follow a simple process. They need to download the app from the relevant app store, install it on their mobile devices, and then log in using their company-provided credentials. Once logged in, they gain access to a wealth of features and content tailored to their role and permissions within the organization.
Using the Staffbase Intranet App is intuitive and user-friendly. Employees can read and interact with company news and announcements, participate in discussions and forums, access important documents and resources, connect with colleagues through the app's directory or chat features, and submit forms and surveys directly from their mobile devices. The app also delivers push notifications, ensuring employees receive timely updates and stay informed about critical events and information.